How To Clean Golf Ball – 7 Most Effective And Easy Ways

How To Clean Golf Ball - 7 Most Effective And Easy Ways

In golf, a greasy, muddy golf ball affects the performance, whether in its distance, to locate, or flight on the field. Now the question arises Is it possible to clean the golf ball? If yes, then how to clean the golf ball?

The answer is it is straightforward to clean the golf ball. Different methods include soaking the ball in soap, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide mixed with hot water. Dishwasher cleaning for moderate dirt. To clean the marks of a pen, nail paint remover, acetone, and alcohol are used.

In this article, you will be able to learn all the methods from household to advanced to clean your golf ball and turn it into a clean and brand-new one without wasting money on new ones.

How to clean the golf ball?

There are many ways to clean the golf ball. All these ways to clean the golf ball are simple. Only there is the need to choose the process according to the amount of dirt on the ball and the ball’s condition to get the most effective result.

1-Golf Balls Cleaning with Dish Soap

One of the most tried methods is a hot water bucket with dish soap solution process includes the following steps

  • Fill the bucket with hot water
  • Add a small cup of dish soap to hot water
  • Now the solution is ready, soak the ball into it for almost 30 minute
  • Use a brush or a towel to scrub the remaining dirt on the ball
  • After this, use clean water to rinse the golf ball and clean them with pure water
  • Dry the ball with a clean towel or cloth if needed. Dry golf ball in the sun 

2-Golf Balls Cleaning with Bleach

This is a very effective way to clean the golf ball. Bleach solution not only removes the dirt and grooms the ball it also helps to remove the stain from the golf ball for the bleach cleaning

  • Fill the bucket with hot water and add 1/2 cup of bleach to it
  • Now in bleach and water solution, soak the golf ball for 30 minutes to clean the dirt
  • After this, remove the ball, rinse them with clean water, and dry them with a towel Precautions
  • Use gloves, as bleach may cause damage to your skin
  • Do not use any other chemical with bleach. It may result in damaged balls.

3-Golf Balls Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

Another effective to clean the greasy, muddy, and grimy golf ball to clean with hydrogen peroxide 

  • Make the solution of hydrogen peroxide and water with 1: 2
  • If you use 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, then use 2 cups of water
  • Now soak the golf ball in the solution for 10-15 minutes
  • Use the brush to scrub extra dirt 
  • Remove the balls from the solution and rinse with clean water 
  • After cleaning, hand drying is recommended Precaution 
  • Use gloves when you try this method to clean the golf ball

4-Golf Balls Cleaning with Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you are afraid to use bleach or hydrogen peroxide, vinegar is the best alternative. Vinger is safe and milder than bleach but has impressive results in cleaning golf ball

  • Fill the warm water bucket to the amount of water that covers the ball
  • Add the 1 cup of vinegar and soak the ball in it for 30 minutes
  • Vinger helps to loosen and remove dirt easily
  • Remove the dirty water and pressure wash with clean water; rinse the ball
  • If stains are still there, make the paste of baking soda with water and scrub it into a ball
  • After cleaning, use the towel to dry the ball

5-Clean with Golf Balls With the Dishwasher

Have you ever imagined the dishwasher being the one way to clean a muddy golf ball?

A dishwasher will amaze you as it effectively cleans golf balls in bulk. But it is only effective when the golf ball has a moderate amount of dirt this method

  • Load the golf ball in the utensil compartment of the dishwasher 
  • If you want, you can put the golf ball into the mesh bag before putting this into the dishwasher 
  • Add dishwashing detergent to the dishwasher as you add for a normal cycle
  • Choose the presoak option so it will help the dishwashing solution to sink into the golf ball
  • and run the normal cycle
  • The dishwasher will take 2- 3 cycles to clean the golf ball, and its completely okay
  • Make sure to off the “heated dry” cycle
  • Remove the ball from the dishwasher and dry them with a towel

According to research, you can put the golf ball in any compartment. It cannot cause any damage to the ball.

6-Methods To Clean Golf Balls Stain 

To remove the stain and marks of pen and marker following methods use depending upon the marks and how strong these are

  • Rubbing alcohol is used first. Pour this on a cotton swab and rub it upon the stain and check if it will be able to remove the stain or not
  • Use nail polish remover if the rubbing alcohol fails to remove the marks. Pour the nail paint remover into the cotton and rub 
  • Acetone may be best if all these fail to remove scuff and pen marks, but remember that it is the harshest compound. Gloves should be recommended to wear during their use. 

Permanent Marker Removing Method

To remove the permanent marker stain, you need a dry-erase board marker. Paint this upon permanent marker stain. Use a towel to rub upon, and you will be amazed that it can remove Permanent marker stains altogether.

7-Clean Golf Balls With Golf Ball Cleaner 

Golf ball cleaner and washer are effective against heavy dirt and old stains. Detergents and stiff brushes can damage golf balls. Properly built cleaners can clean golf balls without damaging their anatomy or appearance. These gentle cleaners can eliminate yellow stains, stubborn dirt, and mud particles without scrubbing hard.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning The Golf Balls

Over-Soaking of Ball

Soaking the ball in warm water for 30 min is okay. But to soak more than this will leave your ball waterlogged. And the water-logged ball affects the performance.

Undiluted Bleach

As we know, bleach is a very harsh chemical. Using bleach without dilution will affect not only your skin but also the ball too. Remember that bleach helps release the ball’s natural shine and shade when mixed with water.

Too Long Sundry

It is good to dry the golf ball under the sun. But to leave these under the sun to bake too long leads to damage to its outer layer.

Chemicals With Acidic Nature

Avoid chemicals with too much acid in nature. The acidic chemical may result in smoothening the ball dimple. And this results in decreasing the player efficiency

Use Of Stiff Brush

Don’t use stiff bristle brushes. It will lead to a large number of scratches, and this will affect ball flight and distance.

By following this method and precautions, you can effectively clean a golf ball and give it a new-like appearance.

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