How To Hit A Draw Shot In Golf Like a Pro?

How To Hit A Draw

Have you ever hesitated on the golf course, struggling to hit the ball in the direction you meant to? Well, every beginner once must suffer this situation in their game. Here we will go over everything you need to master in how to hit a  draw shot in golf, from understanding why it’s essential and its role to learning some helpful strategies for hitting a perfect draw in no time.

What is a Draw Shot?

Right-handed golfers hit draw shots from the right side to the left, and left-handed golfers hit draw shots from the left side to the right. A draw shot aims to produce a shot that starts right off the target and moves back towards the target, ending up close to or on the target.

Normally, the drawing shots depend on the spin of the ball and the position of the club at impact. For avoiding any hazards or hitting a specific target, a draw shot can be successful.

Here are a few things you need to know to hit a draw shot.

Your feet should be slightly open and your back foot should be off the ground. The club would also be more effective if you gripped it tightly in your finger, instead of your palm.

This will give you more control over the clubface. Finally, you need to make sure that you swing smoothly and control. A big swing will increase the chances of hitting a hook instead of a draw.

When hitting a draw shot, it is vital to keep your head down and follow through with your swing. If you raise your head too soon, you will likely hit the ball. A good follow-through will ensure you make contact with the ball and hit your desired target.

Benefits of Hitting a Draw Shot

There are many benefits to hitting a draw shot in golf. 

  • It allows you to control the ball’s flight and avoid off-course shots.
  • Additionally, drawing the ball can help you add distance to your shots and keep them on the fairway. 
  • Finally, hitting a draw shot can also be helpful when trying to avoid hazards or other trouble areas on the golf course.

Fundamentals of the Draw Shot

The draw shot is a powerful and versatile asset in any player’s arsenal. It can be used to control the ball’s trajectory, set up combinations, or even avoid obstacles.

The motion of the draw stroke should begin with a smooth and even backswing, followed by accelerated forward motion that stops at contact with the tip of the cue.

The success of any draw shot depends on two factors 

How much backspin is imparted to the cue ball and how accurately it was aimed.

Drills to improve your draw shots 

There are many drills that you can use to improve your draw shots. Here are a few of the most effective

The half-swing drill

The drill is specially designed to help you master the proper swing way for a draw shot. Take your usual stance and grip, then take a half swing back and through. Focus on keeping the club on the proper way and hitting the ball squarely

The One-Arm Drill

The One-Arm drill helps with both power and accuracy. Place your left hand behind your back and take your normal stance. Just use your right hand to swing .Make sure to keep the club on the proper path. As you get better at this, try hitting balls of different distances.

The Hinge Drill

This drill helps with consistency Setup in your normal stance and grip, then hinge your wrists so that the club points straight up at the sky. Make a smooth swing back and through without breaking your wrist. Remember to focus on hitting the ball squarely. 

Tips for Hitting the ball with a Draw 

If you want to hit the ball, there are a few things you can do to make it happen. 

  • Set your stance, so your feet are shoulder-width apart and pointing slightly to the right of the target. This will help you to choose the clubface at impact, which is essential for creating a draw.
  • Focus on making a smooth swing and keeping your left arm straight throughout the movement. This will also help you to close the clubface at impact and produce a draw shot.
  • Make sure to follow through with your swing and finish high. This will ensure that the ball curves from right to left in the air and lands on the target.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Trying to Hit a Draw

To hit a draw like a pro you need to avoid the same common mistake.

  • Your club grip must be light. A light grip will help to swing freely and have more power.
  • Must aim at a reasonable distance to the left of your target. A slight adjustment in your shot will produce a big difference in your game.


How do you hit a driver draw shot?

To hit a driver shot, follow these steps. 
Address the ball with an open stance and aim the clubface to the right of the target.
Swing the club back on the inside-out path. Ensure to keep your arms with your body.
Shift your weight to the right side as you through impact, and release the club through the impact zone, allowing it to roll from right to left.

How do you hit a draw every time?

Train your eyes to see the clubface at the address, and ensure you are striking the ball as close to the center as possible. Another way to have a good golf club set will help you consistently hit the ball, so you can easily hit a draw every time.

How do you hit a draw shot with an iron?

The key to hitting a draw shot is to aim slightly high on the ball and let it bounce down into the golf club. The more loft you put on your golf club, the higher the ball will rise, so aim for the middle or lower loft when trying to hit a draw.
When trying to hit a draw shot in golf, keeping your steps and body position stable is essential. With practice, you can improve your game by avoiding common mistakes.

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