How to Replace Golf Grips (3 Easy Steps)

How to Replace Golf Grips

As young golfers, we try to play golf more and more, and sometimes, we face some issues with the grip and try to replace it. Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to replace golf grips. To do this more easily and quickly, we have built this guide for you to understand the concept better and then implement it. 

If you face the same issue, there is no need to worry anymore, as we will share some easy ways of replacing golf grips. We understand that bad grips are a nightmare for golfers as they directly impact their performance, as grips are the only medium between a player and a club. Let’s talk about the replacement of grips in more detail.

How to Replace Golf Grips

First of all, check whether you need to clean your grips or have to replace them. Most of the time, the grips need to be cleaned properly, and they start working smoothly. Your grips get dirty because any skin oil or sunblock you use gets embedded in your grips. 

We suggest first cleaning your grips properly, and if it works fine, then good — if not, then it’s time to replace them. Now without wasting your precious time, we will teach you how to replace your golf grip to develop a grip that provides more comfort, control, and stability. 

Things You Need To Replace Golf Grips:

Following are the things you need to replace your grips

  • A set of new Grips
  • Double-sided tape
  • Spirit (White)
  • A sharp Knife
  • A piece of Cloth
  • A receptacle similar to the grip size
  • Vice with shaft Protector

Let’s begin with our main question: how to replace the golf grip and answer. We will share some steps with you to do it more easily. 

Step #1: Removal of Old Grips

There are too many ways to do this task. The one we use is by joining the lower end of your grip with a shaft, and the face of your club is pointing towards the floor. Now start cutting your old grip slowly and with care. As one wrong move, and it’s all done and dusted. 

When cutting your grip, place the club a little bit away from your body to keep yourself safe from any harm. Once you can cut it off nicely, start peeling it off from your club, and then use a clean cloth to clean the area. 

Keep in mind that you can use a sharp knife to remove the grip from your steel shaft clubs, but when you want to remove grips from your graphite shafts, there is a lot of concentration required as there are a lot of chances of damaging them. 

Graphite clubs are a sensitive material, so do it with care. In the end, dip a clean cloth in the spirit we have mentioned above and rub it upside down on your club’s shaft after removing the old grip. 

Step #2: Preparation before Installation

In this phase, determine the size of the grip by placing it on your club shafts. After that, apply the double-sided tape in the way we used to do in wire binding. Place this tape from top to bottom on your grip area and keep a little extra on top and bottom. This extra tape will help us in the placement of the grip. 

Now peel off the extra tape on the bottom as we are ready to place our grip. Wrap the extra bit around the top to let it cover with the tape, allowing the new grip to slip down quite easily and grip on. You can roll double-sided tape on the vacant area for an extra-long grip.

Step #3: Fitting New Grips

Before applying a new grip, the best practice is to close the grip bottom hole with one hand and add solvent. Once it is more than half, close both ends and shake it for a few moments. Later, open up the bottom hole and let this solvent drain out. The solvent we are using here is a white spirit. 

You can also use the same solvent or any other solvent. It all depends on your personal choice. For better results, we recommend using this solvent. Now, after the solvent drains out, place your grip over the double-sided tape on your club without wasting a second and start sliding in the new grip. Make sure to align any sharp pulls. There is only a limited room available for you to maneuver your grip, so do it wisely. 

Once your grip slides down perfectly and reaches the bottom, double check it is in the right position or area where you want it to be. Make sure to take any precautionary measures for your head not to let it touch the ground. If you follow the steps we mentioned, you will put your new grip on. Congratulations.

Alternative Method To Replace Golf Grips:

Using traditional grip solvents is not mandatory. You can use alternative solvents which are also environmentally friendly, like soapy water and compressed air. But it would be best if you had some patience as this process demands more time. As we know, a solvent-based approach requires around two or two hours of drying time. 

At the same time, this water-based approach required around 22-24 hours of drying time. Using compressed air ultimately eliminates drying time. If you have decided to use a water-activated method, add two tablespoons of dishwashing powder to one-quarter of clean water. After this, apply the solution on the grip tape and slide the new grip. 

In addition, if you have an authentic source of compressed air, then get a specially-designed pressure tip from any golf supplier. Attach the pressure tip to the compressed air source and insert the other end into the hole in the thick end of your grip. Here, the compressed air will expand the new grip and allow you to slip it over grip tape. 

As you pull out the pressure tip, the grip eventually turns to normal size and is tight with the grip tape. Additionally, if you find it hard to remove the old grips, you can also use compressed air for this purpose. 

Regular Clean The Grips for Longer Use:

Once you successfully replace your old grips with new ones, you need to keep them clean to use them in the long run. The edge of regular cleaning is that it will improve performance and extend service life. The traditional black grips often hide or have more dirt on them. 

Modern bright-colored grips draw attention to dirt and grime, which is a good thing. But golfers need to clean them regularly to maintain their appearance. Besides this, we recommend cleaning your golf grips regularly, regardless of your grip. For cleaning purposes, you can use cleaning wipes or a bucket of warm water. 

Moreover, use a washcloth for softer grips and a soft-bristled brush to clean rubber or corded grips. After washing your grips, rinse them with clean water and let them dry initially for a couple of minutes, and then use a clean towel to dry them and head out the course.

Final Remarks

After reading this article, we hope you can easily replace your grips without any issues. We have shared a couple of methods with you, and now you can choose any. We need to know whether you have got an answer to your question about how to replace golf grips

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