Tips For Cart Path Only Golf

If you’ve ever played golf with a cart rule in place, you know it can be challenging. But fear not! You can still enjoy your round despite tight course restrictions with the right attitude and preparation. When it comes to cart path-only golf, it’s important to plan your shots and be mindful of your surroundings. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your next cart round.

Look at the course map before you tee off

Check the course map to see where the cart paths are and how far you need to go on them.

Know the local rules

Before hitting the course, ensure you understand the cart path restrictions. Practices may impose different rules on the operation of carts, so it’s essential to be aware of them.

Bring extra apparel

Since you’ll be walking more than usual, it’s a good idea to bring extra layers in case it gets cold or windy during your round.

Wear comfortable shoes

Soft spikes or golf sandals are the way to go when playing golf. Make sure you have a pair that fits well and is comfortable enough for walking all 18 holes.

Be prepared to walk

Preparing for a long day on the course is essential, as walking can be tiring. Bring plenty of water and snacks to keep yourself energized throughout the round.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

You may walk for extended periods, so apply sunscreen before you tee off.

Make good use of tees and fairways

While you may have restricted access to the greens, use all available tees and fairways to get the most out of your round.

Pay attention to your golf swing

When on the cart path, it’s essential to be mindful of the golf swing and use proper technique throughout the entire round. This will help you avoid injury while walking and ensure you can always play at peak performance.

Have fun

Cart-path-only golf can be a unique and enjoyable experience. Take your time, enjoy the sights and sounds of the course, and try to make the most out of your round!

Practice safety first

Make sure you follow all safety protocols while on the course. This includes wearing a helmet when appropriate and watching for other golfers who may be on the same path. By adhering to these safety measures, you can ensure that everyone has a fun and safe round.

Don’t forget to stretch

Walking a long course can cause soreness after 18 holes. Remember to stretch before and during your rounds to keep your muscles loose and comfortable throughout the day.

Get a cart if needed

If walking is too strenuous or uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to rent a golf cart from the clubhouse for a more convenient experience. Your back will thank you!

Take advantage of practice greens

While you may not be able to practice your full swing on the greens, you can still take advantage of the practice greens available at many courses. Using these areas, you can get in some valuable putting and chipping practice during your round.

Bring snacks 

It’s essential to keep your energy up when playing a long course. Pack healthy snacks or a lunch to get you through the day.

Have fun and stay positive

Cart path-only golf can be challenging. Still, it also offers an opportunity to appreciate nature and take in some of golf’s most beautiful scenery. Please take it as an opportunity to relax and enjoy your round while staying focused on the task!

Consider playing a Stroke Play round

If your primary concern is improving your game, consider playing a stroke play round. This type of round feels every shot and requires strategizing on each hole to get the lowest score possible. Playing this way can be an exciting challenge as it forces you to think about each part of your swing and how it affects your game.

Don’t forget the basic rules of golf 

Cart path strategy is essential, but don’t forget to adhere to all the basic rules while on the course. Keep an eye on where you are hazards, do not damage any greens or other areas of the system, and always watch your ball.

Have a plan

When faced with a long shot over a hazard or other obstacle, it’s essential to have a strategy in place before you tee off. Think about where you want to land and how the terrain will affect your ball flight. That way, there won’t be any surprises when you hit the ball.

Use your practice swings 

When playing a long course with plenty of hazards, making the right decision every time can be challenging. That’s why it helps to take advantage of your practice swings and get a feel for the lie and the environment around you before hitting the ball.

Consider the conditions 

Considering the current weather and course conditions is crucial for cart path strategy. If you’re playing in windy conditions, hit your shots lower or higher than usual to compensate for any gusts affecting your ball flight. 

In wetter climates, be aware of where water puddles can form and think ahead to avoid them. These are a few factors you should consider when developing your strategy.

Be mindful of other players 

As with any sport, being aware of those around you while playing golf is essential. If another player is teeing off near you, wait until they’re done before you hit your shot. , if someone is hitting from the green, give them space and wait until they’re done before advancing. Keeping a courteous distance from other players is essential. It ensures that everyone has an enjoyable round of golf.

Pay attention to your clubs 

The type of club you select for each shot can impact how the shot turns out. For instance, if you’re playing a longer par four and don’t think you can make it in two shots, try using a hybrid or fairway wood. 

This will increase your chances of reaching the green in regulation and can give you some room for error. Keep this tip in mind when selecting your clubs throughout the round.

Stay focused

Remember to stay focused on your game at all times, and don’t let yourself get too caught up in the scenery or conversation with your playing partners. Staying mentally engaged throughout the round is essential. 

It will help you develop creative strategies to tackle difficult shots. This will ensure that you’re making good decisions out on the course.


What should I keep in mind when developing my cart path strategy?

Consider terrain, weather, and other players when planning your cart path strategy.

Should I be courteous to other golfers?

Golf is a social sport, and being courteous to other players is essential for a positive experience. Keep your distance from others and wait until they’re finished before you tee off or advance. This will help maintain respect and etiquette on the course.

What are some essential tips for playing golf?

For a good game of golf, focus on form, strategy, club choice, and concentration.

What other types of golf etiquette should I be aware of?

Aside from being respectful to other players, there are several important golf etiquette to remember.

Final Thought

Cart path-only golf is a game of etiquette, skill, and strategy. While it can seem intimidating, practicing proper form and technique. By developing a sound game plan, selecting the right equipment for each shot, and following basic golf etiquette rules. You will be well on your way to playing grand rounds of golf. With patience and practice, you, too, can become an avid golfer. Good luck!

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