What size of Golf Grip do I Need for my Club Handle?

What Size Golf Grip Do I Need

If you can hold your golf club comfortably, you can hit at any distance without any issue. More precisely, if your grip is perfect and comfortable, you can play golf more like a pro. Many new golfers asked themselves, “What size of golf grip do I need”? The answer may vary from person to person, but the logic remains the same. 

As we heard about this question a lot from our members, we wrote an article to help everyone figure it out. This article will share a few simple ways to help you choose the right golf grip. Just stick around with us until the end; it will be worth every minute. Without further delay, we will share these steps with you.

What size of Golf Grip do I Need? 

A proper size grip reduces tension and pressure on your hand and gives you more control over shots. Besides this, a good and comfortable grip adds more confidence to your shots, and you can play towering shots quite easily. Junior grips are ideal for youngsters, while the undersized or standard grip is the best for females. 

Moreover, for players with big hands, jumbo-size grips are recommended. There are a few other grip options you can choose from, like junior, undersize, standard, midsize, and jumbo. At the end of this article, you will come up with the answer to your question about what size of golf grip I need.

Different Grip Sizes:

A few different grip sizes are available in the market, like Junior, Standard, Midsize, and Jumbo. These are based on a standard grip size and are best for the player with a hand that measures around 6-8½ inches. 

Junior size grip (also known as undersize grip) is specifically for the person with hand measurements less than or equal to 7 inches. At the same time, midsize grips are specifically for golfers with hand measurements between 8 to 9 inches. The last one is Jumbo size grips which are typical for the ones with hand measurements greater than 9 inches. 

Hand Size

The simplest way to identify what size of golf grip you need is by comparing the size of your glove with your grips. Use midsize or jumbo grips on your club if you use a men’s extra large (XL) glove. 

Standard size grip is for those who use men’s large(L) or medium (M) glove size or for women’s large (L) glove size. For men’s small(S) glove size or women’s small (S) or medium (M) glove size, undersize grips are the best pick. Youth players mostly use undersized grips. 

Impact of Grip on Shot Patterns

Suppose you are using a grip smaller than your hands and not easy to hold. Loose holding of a golf club results in twisting the club, and you need to add more force to your shot to squeeze it into contact with the ball. It is considered bad practice as it closes the face of your club and lets the shot hook instead of flying in a straight path. 

On the other hand, if you use a grip bigger than your hands and not easy to hold. Your club might get loose at the beginning of your swing. It will create a slice instead of a proper golf shot when you open the face of the club. If your grip is not up to the mark, you will see your shots going in any direction—other than your target. 

Swing Mechanism

There are a couple of swing patterns used by many golfers. The first is an outside-to-inside swing pattern, and the other is an inside-to-outside swing pattern. If we talk about the first pattern happens when maximum shots of a golfer slice or fade away from the actual target. 

To overcome this issue and straighten the ball’s flight, consider using smaller-sized grips for your clubs. On the other hand, if we talk about the second pattern, it happens when the maximum shots of a golfer hook away from the target. 

To overcome this issue and straighten the ball’s flight, consider increasing the size of your golf grips. 

Different Grip Styles

Grips are available in different styles— focussing on weight and feel. The two most common grip styles are corded and rubber. Rubber types are soft and stiff, resist various degrees of shock and give more smoothness and absorption. Most rubber grips are usually lightweight, adding more weight to golf clubs

The most grip nowadays is the corded grips. They are made from a mixture of synthetic rubber and a few strands of fabric threading which is embedded properly into the grip. It will increase the degree of friction for an amazing hand feel. Unfortunately, this threading did not create a smooth surface. Moreover, the weight of corded grips is on the heavier side.

What happens if you choose in-between Grip Size?

Few golfers think that a standard-size grip is much smaller for them and that a midsize grip is too large. The best way is to add more tape, which can make a huge difference in getting the perfect grip size of your choice. Adding additional tape underneath your golf grips is popular among tour players as they are passionate about their equipment. 


We have discussed a few best practices to solve your query on what golf grip size I need. It’s the right time for you to follow these strategies and implement them and see the outcomes. We hope this article will answer your question, and now you can choose the right grip for yourself.


What happens if a grip is too long?

A too-long grip will prevent you from properly gripping the club with a comfortable grip pressure, allowing you to have optimal control over the club head through the swing, which leads you towards poor play. 

Do bigger golf grips better?

A short answer to this query is NO. A good golf grip fits properly in your hand. You can easily use the small variations in the grip size to promote a fade or a draw, but this thing is mostly reserved for very skilled players. An average golfer should use a grip that fits in their hand correctly.

What’s the difference between standard and midsize golf grips?

Midsize grips are the ones that are one size larger than standard grips. The majority of players fall within standard and midsize golf grip size categories. To choose the right one for yourself, you can measure the size of your hand from the base to the fingertip of your middle finger.

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