Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove – Enigma Solved

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove - Enigma Solved

Golf is a sport that demands accuracy in every single shot for which grip is the most crucial element. To improve their grip and avoid blisters or calluses on their hand’s golfers use gloves. To prevent the club from twisting or slipping a proper and firm grip is needed as it categorically affects the player’s ability to take control over the clubface and hit the ball precisely during the swing. 

The point of consideration is that maintaining the grip is not always easy specifically while playing in damp or humid places. As the sweaty hand affects the performance causing the club to slip and leading to inaccurate shots. To get over this issue golfers for decades have been using gloves. But the question here arises is why they mostly use only one glove. 

In this following writeup let’s unveil the enigma behind this practice of using one glove by most of the players.

Benefits of Wearing a Golf Glove

There are a number of pros involved regarding golf gloves, let’s dive into them.

  • The repetitive motion of gripping and swinging a club can cause blisters, calluses, or other types of hand irritation. Gloves can help to prevent these issues and keep the hands comfortable during play.
  • Hand comfort should be the first concern which is also secured by gloves. Due to the repetitive motion of swinging and gripping blisters with other types of hand irritation occurs. Gloves help to cope with these issues.
  • Some golfers are more considerate about their glove style as they believe it adds to their personality on the course so many of them wear it as a fashion statement to compliment their golf attire.

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove?

Despite the benefits of wearing a glove, most golfers only wear one glove, typically on the non-dominant hand. The reason for this is twofold.

  • Firstly, the dominant hand plays a more active role in the golf swing, requiring a higher level of sensitivity and feel on the club. By not wearing a glove on the dominant hand, golfers can have a better sense of the club head and more control over their shots.
  • Secondly, wearing gloves on both hands can feel uncomfortable and restrictive, leading to a decrease in performance. The non-dominant hand is not as involved in the swing and therefore does not require as much sensitivity or control, making it a better candidate for wearing a glove.

There we have a twofold reason for golfers wearing only one glove during the game and typically wearing it on the non-dominant hand. Sounds strange but let us see how it works.As is obvious that the dominant hand plays a more crucial role in the golf swing which requires it to have a more accurate and clear feel of the club head that is solely possible by a bare hand resulting in more control over their shots. 

The non-dominant hand however is not directly involved in the swing which makes it a better candidate for wearing the glove as it does not necessarily require as much sensitivity or control over the club, this is somehow a golfing tradition.

The Tradition of Wearing One Glove

The tradition of wearing one glove in golf started in the early 20th century when golfers began wearing gloves to improve their grip. They are often seen wearing one glove and on their non-dominant hand either it is their right hand or left hand as it depends on them if they are right-handed or left-handed. 

It sounds quiet, then what’s the purpose of wearing gloves at all? The answer is, it allows them to have a firm grip along with not compromising on the club control keeping the sensitivity intact. It also prevents the players from multiple hand irritations while giving protection from external irritable elements. This has become an essential part of the golfing experience for many players. 

Below mentioned are the elaborated benefits of wearing golf gloves.

Improved Grip and Control

As we all know that the golf glove provides a firm grip which is the primary reason golfers wear gloves. A golf club can be slippery based on the weather conditions, in this case, gloves come as a savior and secure proficient shots during the course of the swing. 

Protection Against Blisters and Calluses

Repeated swing and motion most of the time increases hand tension which results in blisters and calluses. To maintain hand protection and reduce the risk of nurturing these problems gloves are used 

The Psychological Effect of Wearing a Glove

Wearing gloves helps golfers feel more confident, it psychologically affects them in a way that they have a more firm and stronger grip on the club and can control their swing more accurately. It also helps them calm their nerves and reduce anxiety while providing them with a sense of routine and familiarity.

Keeping all these points into consideration we get to know about the importance of wearing a golf club but the ultimate decision of wearing one glove or two gloves and not wearing a glove at all falls into the personal preference of the players.

Do All Golfers Wear the Glove on the Left Hand?

The answer to this query is very general as it depends on the golfers on which hand they prefer the golf gloves. Mostly they are seen wearing it on their non-dominant hand but it’s not a hard and fast rule. Some do wear it in their dominant hand to secure a firmer grip and some wear both gloves. Just like much other equipment in a golf game, hand gloves are also a matter of personal preference.

Can You Wear Two Golf Gloves?

Even though wearing two gloves is possible, it is not a common practice among many golfers. There is a reason behind it. Wearing two gloves reduces the ability to categorically feel the club’s grip resulting in a loss of control over the club. Moreover, this makes the hands of a player too warm and sweaty which causes the club to slip leading to a poor grip. Golfers should also consider the glove’s material, as some materials are more durable and breathable than others.

Final Thoughts:

Golfers use gloves to increase their grip on the club and to protect their hands from blisters or calluses. They assist to minimize hand discomfort caused by the repeated motion of swinging and grasping a club. Wearing one glove has become a golfing tradition and is an important element of many players’ golfing experiences. It allows players to have a tight hold on the club and control it while shielding their hands from discomfort. However, whether one or two gloves are worn is a question of personal preference.

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