6 Best Club Sets for Intermediate | Best Loft and Ultimate Swing

Congratulations! Finally, you are one level up in your archery journey and at an intermediate skill level where the biggest task is to find the right equipment for yourself to play around with less chance of forgiveness. Of course, that’s the reason for which you are here. So, to make your choice easy and worthy here are the top 7 and best golf club sets for intermediate level. 

Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate:

As too many options are available in the market, it takes time to choose the one, especially the right one. So we have made it easier for you as we have narrowed it down for you.

Following are the best golf sets for intermediate players we are going to review:

  1. Cobra Fly XL Golf Package Set (Best Intermediate Set)
  2. RBZ Speedlite Golf Club Set (Best Value For Money)
  3. WILSON Complete Golf Club Sets (Best Mid-range)
  4. Precise Golf 19 Piece Complete Club Set (Excellent Precision)
  5. Tour Edge Hot Launch HL-4 Togo (Perfect for Quick Swing)
  6. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Club Set (Best in Range Golf Set)

1- Cobra Fly XL Golf Package Set 

Cobra Fly XL Golf Package Set

Cobra is known for its quality and reasonable price. It always shakes the market with its latest equipment, premium looks, and fantastic quality. Nonetheless, the cobra fly club set is one of them.

This lightweight golf club has forgiving clubs that provide easy launching and incredible range. Feels like premium gear when you hold up the club set. 

Many people compare cobra fly xl with cobra premium, but there is no such comparison as there is a price difference between the both, so you have to double check this factor. But in this price segment, they are providing some best features. 

Key Features:

  • This set contains a 460cc titanium driver with an oversized head (provides a 10.5° loft)
  • Cobra fly XL comes up with 3 fairway kinds of wood for the second shot when you try to hit at longer holes
  • It has a 4 & 5 hybrid, which helps in sending the ball high up in the air
  • 6-PW offering rich forgiveness and longer distances
  • A putter for longer shots and short putt 


  • Baffler technology helps golfers to get the ball out of the rough quickly.
  • A low center of gravity improves usability
  • Covers a longer distance
  • Exceptional in-hand feel
  • Send the ball high up in the air
  • Much improved accuracy 


  • Bags do not have a stand
  • Only for right-handers

Cobra Fly XL is the best golf club set to start your career as an intermediate as it provides longer and lofted shots with much improvement and the latest technology with reasonable price. 

2- RBZ Speedlite Golf Club Set:

The Taylor-made brand usually makes sets for female golfers and has been running this company for the past few years. Recently they have added new equipment to their list as they have built some good quality products for intermediate-level players. 

Mostly they have premium products, but it added Value to the money by offering the innovative and latest technology. This RBZ Speedlite is famous and highly in demand because of its faster swing.

Key Features:

  • Comes up with an aerodynamic shaped 460cc titanium driver for a quick swing
  • Shaft quality is excellent with lightweight as 50g
  • 2 Fairway kinds of wood with 180cc club head with new technology which provides a good loft
  • It has a versatile sole Design that helps the RBZ Rescue to provide high-launching shots off the tee, in the fairway, or from the rough
  • An Advanced 6-PW design for added forgiveness
  • A high-quality wedge with premium grooves for improved control and spins around the green
  • C-grind sole allows the player to maneuver over different conditions
  • A putter with multi-alignment technology to help the golfer to aim the topline


  • Lightweight production gives a faster swing speed
  • Higher launching shots
  • Improved control and spin
  • Navigate to any playing condition
  • For both-handed golfers


  • No head covers 
  • The stand of the bag is missing

So, in short you have too many reasons to buy this RBZ speedlite golf club set, but the prominent features are its fast swing, different aiming levels, and loaded with modern features.

3- WILSON Complete Golf Club Sets 

Wilson has been producing some good quality products since their journey as a maker. They usually make golf club sets for men and are known for the quality product at a reasonable price, so everybody can easily purchase them.

Premium quality products with reasonable accuracy are always the best choice among buyers. No wonder Wilson is making them happy by providing them with such products to enhance their experience.

Key Features:

  • Modern Design with premium technology
  • 460 cc driver with the latest Design for longer distances and helps improve head speed
  • Precision-engineered technology for a straight shot reduces the chance of errors
  • Low-weighting clubs for excellent green-side control


  • Comes with the latest technology
  • Helps make shots correct and accurate
  • Longer distances shots
  • Lightweight clubs
  • Affordable Price


  • Only for right-handers
  • Putter quality is not bad nor good

So, we recommend the Wilson golf club set, as it has some modern features and the latest technology at an affordable price. No wonder you have to compromise in a few areas that are not an issue if you see the price segment.

4- Precise Golf 19 Piece Complete Club Set

The name of the brand tells the story. Precise golf with no wonder that they are providing the latest technology to hit longer shots at any distance with precision and accuracy.

Although their products are known for affordability, they still are not compromising on the quality of their club sets. Once you buy it, you won’t regret it. 

Some golfers say that precise golf is unbeatable in this price segment as they provide a 19 pieces modern set. 

Key Features:

  • A precise Center of gravity improves consistency in the shot.
  • Driver’s face is thinner and lighter to improve shot speed
  • With a modern Ti-Face or an adjustable driver, one can play a variety of lofted shots in the range of 9 to 12 degrees
  • The precision rifle shaft on the irons makes it smooth, with no steps
  • Flex shafts on the wood help it bend to increase the swing
  • Tour Pride multi-material grips provide a better experience than the rubber grips


  • The size of the set justifies the price
  • Different length options are available
  • The good impact of the irons
  • Unique driver faces for lofted shots
  • Multi-material grips for an enhanced experience
  • Best Value for money


  • Only for right-handers
  • Bag stand quality is low

So if you are the one who wants to hit a long distance with fewer chances of error and your budget is limited, then don’t think twice and go for this best available option. 

5- Tour Edge Hot Launch HL-4 Togo

Staying away from brands to save money but still wanting to get the best club set? Then you can go with tour edge hot launch 4 as it’s budget-friendly and provides some good features that the premium sets offers.

As they are one of the growing brands in this field, they offer budget-friendly premium products to engage users. Nonetheless, their quality is always up to the mark, and their team works day and night to improve it. 

Tour edge is also offering this club set for both the right and left-hand golfers, which is a plus. Moreover, the clubs with these sets also sell individually so one can buy them separately.

Key Features:

  • 10.5° driver improves swing in the shot
  • Two fairy kinds of wood offering a low Center of gravity and higher launch
  • Focussed on accuracy and playability 
  • 4 & 5 hybrid technology with 6-9 PW
  • Offset model for the golfer who tends to slice the ball
  • Wedges help in stopping the ball on the green


  • HL4 comes in two different models
  • Putter alignment is easy
  • Improved precision and playability
  • Affordable price


  • Issues over longer distances
  • Gap or a lob wedge needed to buy separately 

It’s true that tour edge HL-4 togo is not very famous in the market, but it will soon hit the market with a storm. No surprise as you have to compromise on a few things but in return, you are blessed with the latest technology at a reasonable price. In case you need some extra irons or anything else. Then you can buy them separately as well.

6- Callaway Strata Complete Golf Club Set

Callaway Strata Men is one of the best golf sets on the market. Highly in demand and selling out at a reasonable number. Many people used to call it a beginner’s set, but it’s unfair as the features it offers are somehow near to that of an intermediate level.

A brand providing a 16-piece set should be listed above the average level. Moreover, the price they are offering is very reasonable. This product is designed for ultimate distance and Performance. 

Key Features:

  • The clubs made with Callaway are easy to hit
  • A titanium technology driver which provides ultimate forgiveness
  • Hit longer shots to some extent
  • Hybrids are a combination of hybrid and fairway
  • A cavity-back style for iron and wedges


  • Available for both right and left-handers
  • Good Performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Latest technology involved in some areas


  • Extra wedge for intermediate golfers 
  • No user manual

Overall, Callaway Strata Complete Golf Club set is reliable and durable. It is suitable for beginners and intermediates to some extent. We recommend this golf club sets for intermediate skill level golfers who are running low on budget. But you have to forgive them in some areas.


Can we use beginner golf clubs as intermediate golfers?

Yes, you can use a beginner golf club set as long as you wish to, but at some stage of your career, you need to upgrade your set as the beginner set lacks a few qualities like long distance, etc.

Which one is the best golf club set for intermediate?

Cobra fly XL is the best available option for someone as an intermediate golfer. It offers all the latest technology features, is reliably equipped with the latest tech, and provides all you need as an intermediate.

Should we buy a complete set, or can we buy parts?

It depends on your choice, and you are free to buy them as a complete set or individually. But mostly, someone with a budget usually buys it as a complete set.


As of now, we have gone through 6 Best golf club sets for intermediate golfers, and you indeed made up your mind about which one you will buy. All of them have some pros and cons, so no offense, as it’s natural.

  • The best among these 6 is Cobra fly XL because of its Performance and can be used by either a beginner or an intermediate. 
  • But if you have a reasonable budget, you can go with RBZ Speedlite. It has too many features like quick swing, longer distance, good loft, and many more.

So you have our verdict on the best golf club sets. We would love to hear about which one you chose and why.

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