Selection Of The Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

Have you ever wondered which golf balls are designed specifically to meet the needs of mid-handicappers like yourself? Well, look no further. Today we’ll discuss the best golf balls for mid-handicappers and how they can help improve your game. 

From improved accuracy to increased distance and consistency, our selection of top-quality balls may be just what you need to take your game to the next level. 

Read on for everything you need to know before choosing the sports equipment that is tailored especially for mid-handicappers – it could change your entire outlook on playing this popular sport.

Srixon Z-Star

Srixon Z-Star, Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

Introducing the new Srixon Z-Star golf ball, one of the most legendary and highest-performing golf balls on the market. It is designed for professional players with advanced spin technology that allows golfers to shape shots more precisely. This golf ball features a groundbreaking core construction that helps maintain distance and trajectory even in tough conditions. 

Its cover is soft and durable, allowing it to stand up to the wear and tear of many games without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the Z-Star aerodynamic dimple pattern gives golfers an extra edge in windy conditions by reducing drag and increasing lift. With its high performance, precise spin control, and outstanding resilience, the Srixon Z-Star will take your game to the next level. Get yours today.


• Spin skin coating for enhanced spin control and a softer feel

• 324-speed dimple pattern increasing aerodynamics

• Energetic gradient growth Core for improved distance and trajectory

• Soft compression/cover construction for a better feel.


  • The spin skin coating
  • The 324-speed dimple pattern
  •  The energetic gradient growth Core
  •  The soft compression/cover construction


  •  The ball is expensive compared to other similar golf balls.
  •  Some players may find the spin control too aggressive.

Titleist 2022 AVX Golf Balls, 1 Dozen

Titleist 2022 AVX Golf Balls

Tee off confidently and feel the difference between the Titleist 2022 AVX Golf Balls. These golf balls are designed with a legendary bow for maximum control and high performance. The proprietary core works with the new cover to produce long shots and smooth control you’ll appreciate on any course.

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just getting started, these balls will increase accuracy and lower spin for longer distances every time you swing. Plus, they also look great; each ball features a unique design that makes them stand out from your standard golf balls. 


  • Aerodynamic construction for long straight flights.
  •  Low-compression core technology with a soft feel and low spin-off tee.
  •  The soft urethane cover provides great greenside spin control and durability.
  • A dimple pattern helps to reduce drag and increase lift in the wind.


  • Long, straight flight off the tee.
  •  Low compression core for a soft feel.
  • Urethane cover with excellent spin
  • A dimple pattern helps reduce drag 
  • Best for windy conditions.


  • The low compression may lack distance

Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B RX Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Tour B RX Golf Balls, Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

The new Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B RX Golf Balls combine legendary performance with innovative new features. The advanced ‘bow’ dimple design provides a more efficient flight trajectory for greater distance off the tee with increased accuracy and control. The dual dimple covers offer an improved greenside feel and consistency, while the gradient growth core enhances spin separation throughout each shot so you can play your best game every time.

These golf balls are designed for mid to high-handicap players, providing enhanced ball speed for maximum carry and distance without sacrificing accuracy or softness. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, these golf balls will provide consistent performance in any situation or environment. 


  • Soft feel and low long-game spin with optimum flight performance
  • Softer urethane cover system for great feel and short-game spin control
  •   Advanced aerodynamics design for increased distance off the tee


  • Soft feel and low long-game spin
  • Optimum flight performance
  • Softer urethane cover system
  • Advanced aerodynamics design 


  • Not recommended for beginner or intermediate golfers

Callaway 2021 Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls (One Dozen) 

Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls

Attention all golfers! The new Callaway 2021 Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls are here and ready to take your game to the next level. These golf balls will help improve your performance and accuracy like never before with their legendary low spin, long distance, and soft feel you’ve come to know and expect from Callaway. 

With the two-piece 2021 Chrome Soft X LS construction, these golf balls have been designed for high launch and maximum speed off the clubface while still providing a soft feel around the greens. With an added mantle layer to reduce the spin-off of longer clubs, you’ll be able to maximize your distance on longer shots down the fairway. Coupled with Callaway’s own HEX Aerodynamics design that helps reduce drag and increase lift for better flight control, this ball is your ticket to success out on the course. 


  • Softest golf ball offered by Callaway
  • Low spin design for improved control off the tee and enhanced green-side spin
  • Triple track technology featuring three lines to improve alignment on every putt
  • Improved dual soft fast core engineered for fast ball speeds and soft feel
  • Lower spin off the tee increases the distance


  •  Excellent short-game performance
  •  Improved alignment 
  •  Delivers excellent feel and control all around the green


  • Not as durable compared to other golf balls on the market

 TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls

TaylorMade Soft, Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

The Taylor Made Soft Response Golf Balls are the perfect balls for golfers of all skill levels. With their legendary bow tie core and groundbreaking aerodynamic design, these golf balls provide a high-performance combination of distance, spin, and soft feel. Crafted with the latest technology, they have an ultra-thin cover for enhanced speed off the tee and optimal stopping power around the green.

They’re highly resilient against scuffs and cuts so you’ll be able to enjoy this ball for longer than ever before. With remarkable accuracy and a softer feel than ever before, these golf balls will continually impress even the most seasoned players on the course. 


  • Newly engineered core for enhanced soft feel and control
  • 2-piece construction designed for maximum distance
  •  Responsive ionomer cover to help reduce spin off the driver for increased roll
  •  Improved aerodynamics make it easier to hit long, straight shots


  • Soft feel with improved accuracy and control on every shot
  •  Improved distance and accuracy off the tee
  • Responsive cover
  • Improved aerodynamics 


  • May not have enough spin for short-game control


A crucial step in raising one’s game and enhancing performance for a mid-handicapper on the golf field is choosing the best golf balls for mid-handicappers. Golf balls that balance distance, control, and feel are necessary for mid-handicappers with a reasonable skill level. The best golf balls for mid-handicappers should be chosen after carefully weighing distance, control, feel, personal preferences, and financial restraints.

The best golf ball for mid-handicappers will ultimately rely on personal preferences and playing habits. It is advised to test out many choices and decide which one best suits your game based on the analysis and debate. For mid-handicappers looking for enhanced performance and a competitive edge on the course, three products—the Srixon Z-Star, Titleist 2022 AVX golf balls, and Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B RX golf balls—offer significant potential.

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