4 Best Golf Grips for Small Hands | Getting Control of the Club

If your hands are smaller than the average, there is a high chance traditional golf grips are stopping you from hitting your best shots. What you need are golf grips that suit your unique size and give you complete authority over the game. After extensive trial and error, we have identified the top 4 best golf grips for small hands. Once you get ahold of these exceptionally crafted golf grips for small hands, you will physically feel the firmness of the grip.  

Finding the right grip should not be that complex. With the rising popularity of golf grips for small hands, we have taken the liberty to create a detailed guide of superior models. So, it’s time to stop hurting your game on the course and invest in one of these classic golf grips ASAP!

Best Golf Grips for Small Hands – Ultimate Choices for 2023

Not only do these gold grips fit perfectly in a small-handed player’s hands, but they also offer power over the release of the club and send it right down the fairway. We have done a thorough job of introducing some golf grips that are best for small hands, let’s take a closer look at each one individually. 

1- Best Premium: Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip

Exquisitely manufactured golf grips made specially to fit small hands by one of the leading companies in the industry, the Dri-Tac by Winn is truly a classic. With a wrap-style grip, the level of control over the club is improved immensely. Winn has taken the game to a whole other level with a polymer grip that is equipped with a special rubber compound. 

The outcome is a golf grip for small hands that provides outstanding tackiness in both wet and dry weather. If that wasn’t enough of a selling point, the Dri-Tac creates a cushioned, comfortable feel for the golfer. Combined with a great non-slip performance the grip will still give a firm feel throughout the game, definitely making it a premium choice. 

Key Features

  • The polymer ensures the grip does not twist and dampens the vibrations from the ball hitting the club
  • The Lightness of the club enhances the swing weight so the player is able to feel the clubhead better
  • Roundness of the grip allows the golfer to orient the grip in the way they prefer
  • Takes away the stress and pressure from the swing with its innovative design


  • Comes with installation instructions 
  • Works well under all weather scenarios
  • Extremely tacky


  • Not durable 

So we recommend buying the Winn Dri-Tac as it is the tackiest golf grip ever to have been made. Sunshine, or rain, this grip will have your back.

2. Most Superior Quality: Lamkin Sonar Undersize Rose Golf Grip

Relieving all golf players of their worry about control, Lamkin has manufactured the Sonar with a variety of materials. This has resulted in a golf grip that offers a softer feel and thus a firmer grip. Along with being one of the best grips for golfers with small hands, the Sonar is ideal for a golfer that requires a midline location along with arrows on their club. 

While the durable and high-quality material does its job of supporting the golfer at every hit, the Sonar also acts as a guide for players still learning how to get the clubface square up and in the correct place at impact. 

Key Features

  • The microtextures all over the grip provide unmatched traction
  • That grip helps get hands in the right position every time owing to its heightened grip feel
  • Built out of proprietary Genesis material, the taper is significantly decreased
  • Assists golfers in maintaining a light grip pressure 


  • Works perfectly with any sort of golf club
  • User manual is integrated in it
  • Is able to build a smooth tempo


  • Lacks in tackiness

So if you are looking to own a classic grip with added texture, the Lamkin Sonar is a perfect choice. There is no doubt this grip will improve the game of a small-handed player by allowing them to grip the club with ease and with their hands in the proper place.

3. Best Overall: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Undersize Golf Grip

Golf Pride has unraveled the secret of creating the perfect-sized golf grips for small hands. Earning itself the crown for the best golf grip for small hands, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap delivers both in terms of material and style. The Tour Wrap 2G is a one-piece grip that creates a complete set. This creates uniformity across the entire golf club. 

With crevices for small hands to fit into, the hold on the grip is out of this world. Made with rubber material, these grips are unmatched in terms of softness and tackiness. Equipped to work with an interlocking grip, overlapping grip, or baseball grip, the convenience of using this golf grip is a huge advantage. 

Key Features

  • The rubber material raises the non-slipping characteristic of the grip 
  • Round shape of the grip creates a smooth core diameter leading to the steady placement of the hands
  • Fitted with indications of the place for the right and left hand, that grip provides substantial control
  • With a textured surface that golf grip guides where the hands should hands fall


  • Works with multiple grips
  • Very tacky surface 
  • Provides directions on the placement of hands


  • The grip might seem slightly bigger in the middle section

Overall, we placed the Gold Pride Tour Wrap on this list because of the strong grasp it offers golfers with small hands. They will never feel as if their hands could slip off the end of the club. 

4. Best for Comfort: Superstroke Cross Comfort Swing – Undersize Golf Grip

The Cross Comfort ticks off all the boxes in terms of premium quality, performance, and comfortable grip. Superstore offers all the excellence it is famous for in a slightly smaller size in its Cross Comfrot Swing Goft Grip. 

This unique grip gets its name from the surface pattern on the grip which depicts crosses indented into the plush polyurethane. The Superstroke Cross Comfort Swing is a particularly great choice for players who fall in the lower to medium swing speed bracket. If you are a golfer who tends to grip the club too hard and fears their hands slipping off the club, the soft feeling of the Superstroke Cross Comfort Swing will help with the struggle. 

Key Features

  • The combination of the velvety material provides a very tacky yet ultra-soft feel
  • Comes in a set to regrip all of the clubs
  • Offers torsional rigidity in the grips because of its solid inner layer
  • The soft outer exterior provides significant comfort and support 
  • A subtle taper profile augments an even grip pressure across the body of the grip 


  • Creates a lot of control
  • Offers immense traction
  • Very Comfortable 


  • Falls short on durability for players with higher swing speeds 
  • That grip with wear fast if higher grip pressure is applied

In a nutshell, we have placed the  Superstroke Cross Comfort Swing on the list for best golf grips for small hands as it doesn’t require you to squeeze too hard and will take away the stress of controlling your shots. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What grip is best for small hands?

In case you are one of the golfers with tiny hands, you should opt for the interlocking grip. For small hands, there is a high probability these grips will fuse hands and hold them in place on the club tightly. 

Can you use jumbo grips with small hands?

Oversized golf grips can actually work well for small hands but only if you have lively wrists and cannot keep the ball in a straight line. However, they may not be suitable for individuals with small hands if they face difficulty with grip pressure and cannot keep a hold on the club securely without putting extra effort into it. 

Are smaller golf grips better?

If you are susceptible to slicing the ball frequently and are out of options then a smaller grip may be useful for you. In case you naturally have a tendency to swing your hands and fingers too much resulting in a hook then a thicker grip might assist in rectifying your handsy action through impact.

Concluding Remarks – Which Golf Grip should you purchase

Trying to find the perfect shot with an oversized grip can be extremely frustrating. We have suggested the exclusive golf grips made for small hands to help you perform better on the course. The good news is that we have chosen the top contender on the list. Our pick is

  • Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Undersize Golf Grip as it is the combination of quintessential design with contemporary technology that results in a velvety feel and secure grip. 

In case you have further questions in your mind about which golf grip to buy, drop them in the comments section below. We would be happy to help you out!

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