6 Best Golf Club Set for High Handicappers – High MOI

Starting your journey as a new golfer is challenging, but at the same time, it is an exciting activity. The new golfers are known as handicappers, further divided into stages like low, medium, or high. Mostly, the newbie golfers are high handicappers and require the best golf club set for high handicappers to reduce forgiving.

Choosing the best set as a newbie is difficult, but 40% of the job is done if you can do this accurately. Rest requires practice, and repeat it until you reach the desired goal. If you find it complex and challenging, then there is no need to worry. We are here to help you out in choosing which one is the best golf club set for you as a high handicapper.

Best Golf Club Set for High Handicappers

There are too many options available in the market but every set has its pros and cons. So, it’s good practice to search for that golf iron set online and make up your mind accordingly.

In this guide, we will review the best golf club set for high handicappers available in the market. And after reading this guide, we are pretty much sure that you can easily choose one and start your journey. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Cleveland Launcher XL – Most Forgiving Set

Cleveland Launcher XL - Cleveland Launcher XL

Reducing the chances of lousy swing (eventually known as forgiving) is something most people look for in a golf club. Most forgiving sets are preferred for beginners as well as for experts. No wonder you see Cleveland launcher XL in this category, as this one is the most forgiving iron available for high handicappers.

Moreover, these iron sets’ beauty is that they let you play straight. Playing straight will increase your iron swing, and you can try to hit at longer distances, but it requires some practice.


  • The bigger head size of launcher XL means it has a more extraordinary moment of inertia(MOI), which means the club head has a higher resistance to swings which eventually provides more forgiving force.
  • Versatile-shaped soles in the short irons are transitions to glide rail in long irons
  • An open-faced wedge(sand wedge) designed to get out of sand bunkers with 3-tiered sole technology.
  • It is designed using AI and includes variable face technology which increases ball speed 
  • The lightweight pads design gives maximum forgiveness across the face
  • 8-grams weight placed at the end of the grip provides good balance without any extra effort
  • The stepped crown system drops the center of gravity for high-launching shots


  • Maximized forgiveness
  • It helps to play straight shots
  • Good high launch
  • Consistency in ball speed
  • Less spin in long irons


  • Available only for right-handers
  • Suitable for those only who were looking for the most forgiving clubs.

TaylorMade Golf Stealth Iron Club Set – All in one Package

Stealth iron sets are the latest edition released by TaylorMade. Launching shots higher is one of the best things to do as a beginner that will help you come out of forgiving fear. TaylorMade stealth iron comes out of the box and provides a longer distance for high handicappers. Increasing launch, good ball pace, and remarkable consistency at a distance.

The best part of golf stealth iron is its cap-back design which helps launch shots high. TaylorMade always tries to hit the market with all the latest gears with up-to-date technologies. 


  • Cap Back Design provides stiffness and significantly reduces mass, providing an optimal center of gravity for maximum forgiveness and launch.
  • Toe wrap construction shifts substantial mass from the high toe of the head to the low in the iron’s sole
  • Launch angle and peak height increment for a high launching ball flight and heavy stopping power
  • Echo Damping System(EDS) opened up across the entire face delivering multiple points of contact from heel-to-toe
  • The Cap Back design supports the entire topline from heel to toe with solid and lightweight polymer material, which provides additional rigidity in the upper part of the iron’s face. Absorbs non-required vibrations
  • The ultra-strong carbon material is used within the toe wrap with structural integrity technology to check whether a specific structure fits a particular purpose. 
  • The latest technology is engineered to maximize the flexibility of the face for more incredible ball speed and forgiveness on mishits.
  • Low center of gravity for high launching of shots


  • Amazing Ball speed
  • Extreme forgiveness
  • Provides optimal distance
  • New technology for higher launch
  • Greater moment of inertia 
  • Loaded with all the latest AI technologies
  • Available for both right and left-handers


  • Only for high-launching shots at longer distances.
  • Premium choice for beginners.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Set – Max Forgiveness with Latest Technology

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Set - Best Golf Club Set for High Handicappers

Launcher XL Halo is the best among maximum forgiveness-providing sets. These sets are hybrid rather than traditional ones. The top quality of this set is that it is more prominent in size, so you can easily hit at any distance.

As hybrid performance iron, these clubs have larger heads and designs. The look of irons remains the same; it doesn’t matter if it long or short offers hollow construction for maximum distance.

Cleveland most commonly focuses on providing more forgivingness, so no wonder you will find it in almost every of their sets.


  • It has a more significant moment of inertia(MOI) which means the club head has a higher resistance to swings
  • V-shaped sole in the short irons are transitioned to glide rail in long irons
  • A sand wedge designed to get out of sand bunkers with 3-tiered sole technology.
  • It is designed using AI, which includes variable face technology which increases ball speed 
  • The lightweight pads design gives maximum forgiveness across the face
  • 8-grams weight placed at the end of the grip provides good balance without extra effort
  • The stepped crown system drops the center of gravity for high-launching shots
  • Loft specific grooves allow water and debris to stay away from the ball’s point of the meet to provide smoother contact with reasonable control


  • Steel or graphite shafts are available 
  • ABO(Accuracy build option) for maximum control
  • Loft specific grooves for scoring clubs enhanced experience
  • The latest technology improves forgiveness 
  • Sole design changes with irons to provide maximum performance


  • The size of the head may be too large for professionals
  • Only for right-handers

Powerbilt Golf EX-550 Iron Set – Budget Friendly Set

Compared to other brands, the powerbilt got little applause in the market. But the good news is they didn’t give up and focused on providing good sets for high handicappers. Ex-550 is one of the best budget iron sets for high handicappers because of forgiveness, clean turf interaction, and high launch.

Moreover, they offer high handicap golfers a hollow body construction for a lightweight feel which helps in great lofted shots. The enhanced moment of inertia here gives higher resistance for swings.


  • It is built on senior flex graphite shafts, which accommodates slower swings ( a swing less than 85 mph) 
  • Includes Pro Velvet Grips, which have excellent resistance, comfort, and stability
  • Sand wedge feature to hit shots easily out of bunkers.
  • Hollow body structure for a higher moment of inertia and maximum forgiveness
  • The wide sole on the longer irons is for forgiveness, while the narrow sole on the short irons is for precision.


  • Higher Launch
  • Better forgiving 
  • SFG shafts for slower swings
  • A straight flight of the ball
  • It helps in a soft landing


  • The sand wedge is not hybrid
  • Limitation for any ability to shape the ball

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Golf Set – Higher Speed

Cleveland has been producing high-quality sets at affordable prices, which is appreciated much by the community. The Launcher HB turbo has long irons that provide forgiveness and quickness too.

Any good contact with the ball sends it high and straight. A higher trajectory provides incredible speed in the forward placement of the ball for game improvement for the players who want more accurate and longer shots. All irons are fully loaded with hybrid technology.

Main Features:

  • The turbo-charged face gives more power and speed
  • Each iron features a powerful, high-strength steel face which is hot and thin to increase the speed of balls and provides a longer distance.
  • Hollow construction reduces the amount of movement, vibration, and twists on the club head.
  • Stability ribs for more forgiveness
  • Redesigned HiBore Crown features deep, low weighting to allow easy hit of the ball and higher flight.
  • Progressive shaping gives a smooth transition from a hybrid long iron to short irons.


  • Very Forgiving
  • Turbo Charged face
  • Hollow construction
  • HiBore Crown Features
  • Easy to make contact with the ball


  • Needs improvement in the grip section
  • For right-handers only

Tangkula Complete Golf Club Set – Greater Head Speed

Tangkula is known for making products for indoor and outdoor games. The quality they provide is always the talk of the town. This set is not dedicated to high handicappers but is helpful for experienced golfers too. 

A complete and advanced golf club set for high handicappers with all premium features which a golfer looks in any decent club. This set consists of an aluminum driver, fairy wood, irons, a pitching wedge, a putter, and a stand bag. Except for these, three extra covers are included protecting the driver and fairy wood.


  • Improving the head speed and delivering a greater distance, the 460cc alloy driver is designed with a more prominent sweet spot.
  • The aerodynamic design of the head so that the ball flies high in the air and with consistency
  • Additional weight has been placed in the sole heel and toe areas to provide a more excellent center of gravity and give a high launch off the surface.
  • A putter is designed with low weighting for easy control and improved shots.
  • Easy alignment aid for smooth strokes by keeping putts on the line and generating more forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Toe and heel-weighted irons to increase hitting distance and speed with maximum accuracy
  • Alloy driver’s length is 17″, and it has a perfect size and hitting position.
  • Grips are made with TPR(Thermoplastic Rubber) material to hold the iron easily and comfortably. Moreover, TPR material is suitable for summer conditions as it is good against sweating.


  • A larger sweet spot
  • The aerodynamic design of the head
  • Greater center of inertia
  • Maximize forgiveness
  • Greater hitting distance 
  • Thermoplastic Rubber material for grips
  • For both genders


  • Irons are not flexible, so they face bending issues with time.


What are the most forgiving irons for high handicappers?

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo and TaylorMade Stealth are the best forgiving irons for high handicappers.

What are the 3 most used golf clubs?

In our experience, we choose the putter, wedges, and driver in the given order as the three most used golf clubs.

Which one is better: either steel or graphite shafts?

A graphite shafts forgiveness and swing speed eventually increases your performance.

How do I know what shaft is right for me?

A player with a fast swing requires a shaft with less flex, whereas a player with a slow swing requires a shaft with greater flex. Whereas flex is generally categorized as Extra Stiff, Stiff, Firm, Regular, Senior, Amateur, and ladies.

How long should golf clubs last?

Well, there is no specific answer to this but all we can say is the general lifespan of a golf club set will be three years or more. On a general rule of thumb the more you care for your sets, the larger they last.

Pick the Best Golf Club Set For High Handicappers

We recommend you choose only irons with enhanced MOI, a higher launch, and perfect accuracy. Our top 2 picks from the sets mentioned above are:

  1. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo because of its maximum forgiveness, higher launching shots, and latest technology
  2. If you don’t have budget issues and are looking for a complete package, then go for TaylorMade Golf Stealth Iron Set for high handicap.

It’s the best time to make your call and select the best golf club set for high handicappers for yourself. Now we look forward to seeing which one you choose for yourself and how your experience with that specific high handicapper set was. 

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