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A child’s life moves around fun and games. Children show much interest in games as it is an important part of their lives. Physical and outdoor games are necessary for our children. Stepping out of their homes is vital. Like, as when they go into the open air, they breathe and enjoy physical activities. Because, it helps them refresh their mind, and they also get a chance to explore new things. So, the majority of the kids play cricket and football in their leisure time, but among all these games, golf is a game full of fun and joy. We will discuss about best junior golf club sets 9-12.

People stick with mobile, healthy physical activity is essential. An environment that can provide them with a healthy lifestyle is obligatory. Golf requires such an atmosphere full of calmness and no noise.

Top Junior Golf Club Sets

Golf is not only a game but it is a game with different benefits. It helps to improve the health of your children. When they make a shot, their muscles move, and it is a form of exercise. Such exercise is very beneficial for the health of your children. Health is the top priority of children. The future and growth depend upon the condition of the physical and mental health of the child. There are some important points on best junior golf club sets 9-12.

To appreciate your child, be wise and choose the best junior golf club set for them. Here are some of the best sets with their salient features.

Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set

Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set

The 8-piece Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set is beginners of age, 8-12 who want to learn how to play Golf. It is easy to use and a child can hold the Golf Stick and play in an easy manner. 

Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set is a product of a well-known company and its quality is excellent. They are in good-quality steel, graphite, and plastic. The Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set made with the best quality material and is the best for gaming purposes.

Key Features:

The 8-piece Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set has some great features:

  • Woodand the ball would be very in that direction.
  • It is totally safe to use by them as it has given safety precautions and measures.
  • The stick of the Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set with the finest quality material and is very easy and comfortable to hold by children or beginners who started playing Golf.
  • Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set has an adjustable 2 Wheel Golf Cart.
  • The Set has 5 clubs.
  • Nitro Blaster Golf Club Set has a 2-ball style putter. 
  • It provides two covers for golf clubs and one carry bag.
  • The blend of graphite along with steel and plastic makes this set enduring.


  • It is easy to use for beginners.
  • It can be held by the kids so easily.
  • It doesn’t require excessive energy from the kids and it keeps them comfortable.


  • The Golf Set should be kept in proper covers else, it will affect its quality. 

Precise Golf Club Set

Precise Golf Club Set

Precise Golf Club Set for kids between the age of 9-12. It is for young players by the brand. Because it is for children. 

It is a good quality golf set for interested young players in the game. The children should use this Golf Set to enhance their gaming skills.

Key Features

  • The Precise Golf Set has a height of 4’4 to 5 inches which is perfect for the age group of 9-12 as it will be comfortable for the child to hold the stick and play in a good way.
  • The handle is made efficiently with such a good quality of products that it makes it one of the best junior golf club sets.
  • The Golf Club Set includes a 15 Inches Driver, 25 Inches Hybrid Wood, Iron, and Putter along with a bonus stand bag and 2 Headcovers.


  • The height of the Golf Club is just perfect according to the age group.
  • Precise Golf Set will provide an easy grip hold for the children to play.


  • Causes a minor inconvenience if not held by a strong grip.

Ray Cook Golf – Manta Ray Set

Ray Cook Golf – Manta Ray Set:

The Ray Cook Golf set is easy to use by children. It has a lofted driver with a matching head cover. Golf requires a comfortable mind along with an easy and efficient grip of the stick. 

The Manta Ray 8-piece set has all the requirements of the game for the children to play Golf. This set has long-term durability and an oversized iron wedge to play a shot. In this case, the child will throw a perfect shot. All these features allow one to consider the set as one of the best junior golf club sets. 

Key Features:

  • It has a one-year warranty.
  • The wide iron wedge will make a clear and perfect shot.
  • It has an easy-to-align putter.
  • It has been the best seller rank in Sports and Outdoors. 
  • It has an average weight of 4.08 Kilograms.


  • This Junior Golf Club Set is highly recommended and durable.
  • The wide wedge of iron is the best thing to make accurate shots.
  • It has an easy grip.


  • The iron wedge becomes rusty and rough if not cleaned properly.

Young Gun ZAAP Ace Feature Golf Set

Young Gun ZAAP Ace Feature Golf Set

The ZAAP Ace Feature Golf Set is the most feasible to use by children. It has lightweight and easy to hold. Because, its weight is so light and it builds the next level of confidence among the children to play Golf. 

So, the lightweight golf set helps make a perfect golf swing when a shot is made by the child. It helps them understand the game and its basics fast.

Key Features:

  • Lofted 350 CC Titanium allows the driver to make a confident swing and help reach the ball move in the air faster.
  • It has a low center of gravity that makes the swing of the ball in the air smoother and right on target.
  • It has a matching headcover for the driver.
  • The material has been made from stainless steel which is absolutely the best form of steel.
  • The grip material is made of rubber.
  • The Junior Set has been specially designed for junior players with the finest quality of products.


  • This set is highly durable because of its manufacturing material.
  • Lightweightness allows the little golfers hit freely.


  • The Iron wedge makes a faster shot as compared to the rubber.

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Golf Club Set

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Best Junior Golf Club Sets For 9-12

This Golf Club set is the best junior golf club set for younger golfers. Because, they can choose according to their choice so that it won’t be crucial during the game. This golf set has a light weighted shaft which provides a smooth grip to make a golf swing. 

This set has different features by age group. Every age set has different features and qualities. And it performs in accordance with those features in a perfect manner.

Key Features:

It has different features for the age groups of children.

  • It has a 14 inches driver which is lightweight. Like, it also provides a slower swing speed for children between the age of 4-6.
  • The iron lightweight shafts are designed for easy swing and to make an accurate shot.
  • The wedge is perfect and wide for the pitches and shots.
  • There is a putter too.
  • It has been made with alloy steel with a weight of approximately 10 pounds.


  • The lightweight iron shaft gives a perfect swing of shots.
  • The wide wedge has its benefits in case it makes a long and perfect swing.


  • Sometimes when a long swing is made then it weakens the shaft.


Are the Golf Club Sets available in accordance with age group differences?

Yes, there are different Golf Club Sets for different children depending upon the age group they belong to.

Are the Golf Club Sets have different colors?

Yes, there are different options to choose any color among them.

Are all these Golf Club Sets available on Amazon?

Yes, they are all available on Amazon.

Chose Best Clubs for Juniors Age 9-12:

Every product has its qualities. Moreover, everyone has his own priorities. Some golfers go for light-weigtedness while some prefer economical sets. In reference to these priorities, it is tough to select and recommend only one product. By keeping in view the reviews, we can recommend the following two products:

  • Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set 
  • Newfly Junior Golf Club Set

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