How to Chip In Golf |The Hinge and The Hold Method

If you are a newbie or a rising golf player, the chip shot is fascinating for any skill level. Meanwhile, the fascination is a bit confusing. One needs to be very clear before claiming himself the best golfer. Out of many great shots, the chip shot is considered one of the simplest yet tricky ones. So, in this quick guide we are going to discuss what actually chip shot is and how to chip in golf

So, let’s dive into the topic and find out the answer to all of your concerns one by one.  

How to Chip In Golf

What Is A Chip Shot?

In the simplest terms, a chip shot is one with minimum air time and more ground contact. The ball rushes in the air, bounces back, and moves on the ground.

Moving further on how to chip in golf, there are several techniques and many tricks that can help you. Here we will go through one basic technique and a few recommendations for having the best results.

How To Chip In Golf?

If it is asked by a layman how to chip in golf, the concept back in his mind will be simple. Push back the club vertically upward, and allow it to swing and hit the ball with a subtle angle. Make sure that during motion extreme position should be no greater than your chest. 

The chipping sounds simple. In fact, it is, but with little technicalities. Moreover if a person is observing someone hitting a chip shot, it seems fantastic, but when he tries himself, he gets into the reality.

Out of several tricks, the hinge and the hold method can mark a big difference in your chipping shot. If you are unaware of its moniker, don’t worry. The brief description will help you in getting the main idea. Let’s dive into the procedure.

The Hinge and The Hold Method

As the name suggests, one has to hang his arms freely and hold the club. Allow the free backward swing, and then with the same level of subtleness, let the swing hit the ball.

Overall, it is just a game of stability of your posture. The few steps that this approach demands are:

  1. Hinge the wrists up, so the movement is only from the mean to the back extreme position.
  2. Hold the action or swing, so there will be no flipping while hitting.
  3. Release the club and hit the ball.
  4. Hold the club through the angle of striking.

It is not only one of the simplest methods. In fact, it is one of the best techniques for all, who are at the beginning of their golf journey. Specifically, if you are learning how to chip in golf, you need to practice this technique as much as you can. It will surely help you secure victory once practiced enough.

The high surety of this method is not because of a high hit.  Rather, stability and constant swing is the key. Moreover, action is the key to hitting a ball with a solid shot. All it needs is practice and patience, and you will have a solid grip on chipping.

Recommendations For Better Chip Shots

There are several vital tips and tricks that can make a big difference in your game. Out of these, we are discussing the most important ones.

i. The Right Posture

To play a remarkable chip shot, the first and foremost essential is your posture. Here the question arises, what will be the best posture to hit a great chip shot? 

It’s a simple two step pose.

  1. Let yourself curve a little behind your 
  2. back.
  3. Allow your shoulders to suspend your arms freely right downward.

It is important to note that the bending is very controlled. If you bend more in a forward direction, it will decrease the space for the swing. 

If you win in attaining the perfect posture, the rest of the game will be more in your hands.

ii. The Triangle Posture During Shot

It is essential to retain your posture while hitting a shot. It is a bit tricky to take care of such tiny things. But small things can bring enormous differences. 

One easy way to maintain posture is to remind yourself to hold the triangle with your arms. The arms triangle should not change or alter itself while hitting. The more unchanged your posture is, the better will be your chip shot.

iii. Ball And Ground Contact

Often the contact between the ball and the ground is misunderstood. If we look at it from a distance, it seems like we need to hit up the ball. But, in actuality, we need to hit the ball downwards. The quick interaction of the ball and ground will make the ball bounce upwards. 

The reason behind the bit-bow posture is the same. We need to hit the ball in the downward direction, and a little curve is essential for a good hit. 

iv. Optimum Space 

When you have enough practice and sound knowledge of all the complexities, it’s time to find the optimum distance that would work best for you. The best method is to keep your hit constant. Keeping constant means, you need to work from different distances with the same hit. This stroke should be the one, with which you are most comfortable.

v. Evolve And Find The Best For You

Most of the time, it is observed that for solid chip shots, fast-hitting is required. But, at the same time, many golfers are observed to hit subtle shots which go very well. 

In short, it is a game of turns. You need to try and try again to know what suits you the most. Furthermore, the one thing which is important is relaxed arms. You don’t need to pressurize your arms or try to hit the ball firmly. Rather, try to stay calm and play a fine shot.

The hinge and the hold method is one of the best approaches to learning chip shots, specifically for beginners. If you are eager to learn, practice more and more by focusing on the strategy and tips. 

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