How to Make Golf Grips Tacky in 10 Minutes

How to Make Golf Grips Tacky

Tacky grips are key to maintaining control over clubs. A slippery grip will worsen your shot experience and reduce control over clubs if you find it difficult to hold your golf club because of a slippery grip. Then it’s the right time for you to learn how to make golf grips tacky. A proper grip on a golf club has a great impact on the overall performance of the player.

Most of the time, we buy new grips that look so good and comfortable. But unfortunately, after a few months of use, they look different from new ones. Adopting tacking ways to add more life to your grips is necessary. This guide will share the steps to make your golf grips tacky again.

How to Make Golf Grips Tacky

Before we start, let us share a few things required to make your golf grips tacky:

  • A large bucket
  • Dishwasher Soap
  • A scrub brush
  • Water
  • A Towel

Using the above things, we will do all the procedures. Follow the steps we will share on how to make your golf grips tacky. 

First Method

Step #1: Creating Mixture

Fill your bucket with 2-3 gallons of water and add soap to make a mixture. Although the temperature of the water does not have anything to do with it, it is good to use moderately warm water. 

Bring out all the golf clubs you have or want to make them clean or tacky and put them in a bucket with the grip end down. Make sure your bucket is on a proper floor if you add all of your clubs, and it won’t slip. Let your clubs soak in the mixture inside the buck for 5 minutes at least.

Step #2: Removing Dirt from Clubs

Next, you will need to grab a scrub brush (one with plastic bristles works better than steel which could rip at the grips). Hold your club firmly in one hand and scrub the golf club’s grip with the other hand. 

Make sure you get almost the entire grip, but problem-creating areas are those right in the middle of the grip, where your hands stay most of the time. Clean the thick end of your club, too. Dirt and sand can enter those areas.

Moreover, if you want to dip the club into the mixture once again to rinse it as you scrub, you can do it too. Doing this practice, you may see a good amount of grime and dirt from your clubs. It is a simple and normal process, and you are not harming your clubs. 

Step #3: Rinse Clubs with Clean Water

Once you scrub your grips, rinse them in clean water. For this purpose, you can put them in a new bucket filled with water or spray them with a hose. 

Step#4: Dry your Clubs

After you are done with the scrubbed and rinsed process with your grips, let them dry. You can let them dry on their own or use a towel. Get any standing water off the grips and let them dry outside, most probably in low sunlight. 

Once they are dried, you will see they are much tackier than before. The washing process is quick and easy, saves you a lot of time, and can prolong the lifespan of your grips. Avoid putting your clubs in your bag after getting extra water off them. Only place them in your bag when they are completely dry.

Second Method

If you are not satisfied with the result you are getting from the grips. Here is another way to make golf grips tacky. you should try sanding the grips approach. Sanding is another wonderful way to give your golf handle a tackier grip than before. To sand the grips more effectively, simply follow the following steps.

Step #1: Rub Grips with Sandpaper

Please start the process using medium abrasive grain sandpaper and rub your grip. Try not to use coarse grit initially, as this practice may affect your grip. We recommend using a medium abrasive grain first and then moving your way up to the other level of coarseness. 

Don’t be cruel with your movements. Instead, do it with soft hands to go up or down on your grip without harming it. This practice may let your grips get rough and hard. If you are not doing it with soft hands, then it is going to harm your grips rather than help in making them stick to that specific part. 

Step #2: Wipe using a Soft Cloth

After successfully completing the sanding process, it is the right time to remove extra dust or mud with the cloth that occurs during this process. Now check your grips, and you will notice that they are tackier than before. The best way to keep your grips clean and good is by properly cleaning them on time at least once a week if you use them 2-3 times a week.

How Often Should Someone Replace Its Golf Grips?

Replacement of grips depends on how much you use them — once a week or more. The rule of thumb says if you play golf more than three times a week, your grips will soon get dirty. In this specific scenario, we recommend replacing grips every 2-3 months. 

On the other hand, if you play golf for only a limited time per week, you need to replace your grips once or twice a year. But it is okay to change during these specific periods. If they are not ripping off, then there is no need to change them. 

How to Increase the Life of Your Golf Grips

If a person spends a lot of money, they must keep them neat and clean. You can do many things with your golf grips to make them tacky or to increase their lifespan. 

The main thing affecting grip life is the sun cream golfers use and forget to remove from their hands when they are about to play a shot. Try to wash your hands after applying sun cream on your face. Moreover, try to clean your grips regularly. 

Here, in this article, we have shared several methods to make a golf grip tacky. Every method has its steps, and following them will lead you toward an amazing experience of tacky grips. Apply these steps and share your experience with us. If you have any prior experience or observations, then share them too. We always love to hear from you.

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