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As we all know Professionals are very particular about the golf grip they use. They strive to ensure that they are using a flawless golf grip with their palms in the correct posture. Because of how frequently they practice and compete, they must have their clubs regrouped on a regular basis. They make sure that the versions they use are comfy in their palms and enable them to play their best golf. However, we know that not all golf grips are created equal, and when it comes to selecting the correct grips expert golfers have various preferences. In this article, we’ll look at what kind of golf grips the pros use and what are their benefits. Deeper dive we will also discuss the variables that impact their decision to choose the best golf grip.

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Listed below are the few golf grips used by pros, let’s have a read.


If we consider the velvet golf pride tour grip, this whole rubber grip has a very conventional appearance and is very effective in the game. To ensure playability and comfort it mixes an elastomeric substance with a computer-generated non-slip surface. Several players like Dustin Johnson, Patrick Cantlay, Webb Simpson, and Scottie Scheffler used this golf grip. Furthermore, allowing the constant traction of the plus-sign pattern also aids in the removal of wetness from the surface. In a nutshell, it makes things basic and elegant.


Collin Morikawa, the game’s victor, and expert selected the Golf Pride Z-Grip model. This grip is one of the best, with a thick ‘Z’ curved design that wraps around the handle and a heavy cord texture that directs wetness away. It also has two layers of texturing for feedback and control, as well as a midsize that contributes to its perfection. Go for it and become an expert in your game.


Based on the combination of effectiveness and aesthetics, Golf Pride’s Multi Compound is one of the best golf grips. It is the most popular model in golf right now. The segmented design provides performance by combining textured Cotton tech in the upper half of the handle to aid in glove-hand traction, with elastomer in the bottom half to add feel and flexibility. This golf grip is available in various colors and is used by Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, Abraham Ancer, Viktor Hovland, and Patrick Reed. Golf grips come in a variety of hues, and as mentioned above, several elite performers use a variety of designs. You can also choose the best golf grip of your choice.


Moreover, this SuperStroke Golf grip is used by three-time Significant winner Jordan Spieth, who also uses S-Tech club grips from the brand. This generates more even hand pressure on the grip and naturally squares the club. There is minimum taper here, and it is especially excellent in all conditions, which aids in-game performance. It has a smooth, tacky feel, which accounts for its ability to withstand inclement weather, and it also appears fantastic; whether you choose blue, green, or red, these colors are suitable. It is also available in pure black.


Adding to the above-mentioned golf grips used by pros there is another golf grip that does marvel in-game. The bigger outside diameter of the grip mimics the sensation of adding four additional wraps to the grip. This decreased taper promotes lighter grip pressure, resulting in less palm strain and more fluidity and force throughout the stroke. The design is also worth noting because it varies from the majority of the others on this list. Tyrell Hatton garnered a lot of attention in 2021 when he showed up with purple handles. The specific type he uses is the MCC Plus4 grip, and while the purple version is no longer available, however, there are several other varieties to choose from.

What Style of Golf Grips Do The Pros Use

The Traditional Golf Handle

This classic grip is the most commonly used form of golf grip among expert players. The Vardon grasp or the spanning grip is another name for it. It entails putting the right hand’s little finger between the index and middle fingers of the left hand. In this, both thumbs should aim directly down the shaft of the club, and the wrists should be linked. The traditional grip is well-known for its stability and ability to keep constant grip pressure. It also gives golfers more control and precision over their strokes.

Golf Grip Modular

The other typical style of golf handle used by pros is the interlocking grip. It entails connecting the right hand’s little finger with the left hand’s index finger. The wrists should be linked, and both thumbs should aim directly down the shaft of the club. The interlocking handle is well-known for its comfort and for providing players with a firm hold on the club. It also lessens the likelihood of the club sliding during the stroke.

The Golf Clamp for Ten Fingers

If we look at another golf grip style used by pros then we get to know that the softball grip is another name for the ten-finger grasp. It entails putting all ten digits on the club without touching or interlocking them. However, professional players use this technique less frequently, but some do. The ten-finger grip is well-known for its ease of use and gives a golfer a secure hold on the club. Golfers with smaller palms can also get a better hold on the club.

Variables Influencing Golf Grip Selection of a Pro:

Palm Dimensions

When it comes to selecting the correct golf grip, hand measurement is crucial. The traditional grip may be unpleasant for golfers with bigger hands, while the interlocking grip may be too tight for those with smaller hands. Golfers should select a grip that feels secure and comfortable in their hands.

Rotation Rate

Another element that affects the choice of golf grip is swing speed. Golfers with quicker stroke rates may prefer a tighter hold on the club, whereas those with slower swing speeds may prefer a more relaxed grip.

Climate Circumstances

The decision of the golf handle can also be influenced by the weather. Golfers who play in damp conditions may prefer a more solid hold on the club, whereas those who play in drier conditions may prefer a more relaxed grip.

The Advantages of Using the Correct Golf Grip

Management has improved

Using the proper golf grip can assist a player gain more control over their strokes. A secure and comfortable grip on the club enables players to keep constant grip pressure, resulting in more accurate strokes.

Fatigue reduction

Your right decision will help you to minimize tiredness. A comfortable grip on a golfer’s palms lowers pressure on their hands and limbs, enabling them to play for extended amounts of time without exhaustion.

Increased Shot Radius

Going for a perfect golf grip can also result in longer shots. Longer strokes and greater accuracy can be achieved with a grip that enables players to keep constant grip pressure and control over their shots.


Choosing the proper golf grip is critical for any player, expert or novice. Professional players use various grips depending on their palm size and concerning what suits them perfectly. The game is highly dependent on what type of grip is being used. In this article, we extracted a few best golf grip options that are used by professionals and what you should keep focused on before selecting a perfect golf grip. Along with adding some advantages of choosing a golf grip that can add wonders to your game.

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