How To Polish Golf Clubs Like A Pro – From Drab To Fab

How To Polish Golf Clubs Like A Pro - From Drab To Fab

After a long day of practice on the golf court, your clubs look messy and awful. They keep swinging and chipping throughout the day along the court. That is why polishing golf clubs is a great way to keep them shiny and protect them from wear and tear. You probably already know the importance of polished clubs; that’s why you searched for how to polish golf clubs as clean and polished clubs will assist you in improving your score tees and green and can make your game more enjoyable.

There are multiple ways to clean and polish golf clubs, but the most important is doing it properly. In this article, we provide different ways on how to polish golf clubs. You can also find some helpful tips on keeping your clubs looking new.

Ways to Polish Golf Clubs

Polishing means shining the metal part of your club. Golf clubs are an important part of the game, and keeping them clean and well-maintained is important. In a nutshell, a set of polished clubs boost your confidence in your next turn. Do you want to learn how to polish golf clubs? 

Let’s dive in

There are two ways to polish your golf clubs.

  1. Polishing by hand: With the help of a cloth, rub metal polish on your golf club.
  1. Use of cordless drill: The cordless drill is connected to a buffering wheel that contacts the clubs’ surface at greater speed. 

Both methods work on the same principle. Only the difference is speed. Greater the speed, the more shine you get. After knowing all the nitty-gritty about two polishing methods, thoroughly cleaning your clubs is the first step towards polishing the irons and iron head. 

Cleaning the Golf Clubs

Cleaning the golf clubs daily helps to reduce the chances of wear and tear. You can use the following ways to clean them.

  • You can use a cleaning rag to wipe off any dirt daily.
  • Fill the bucket with luke water and add a small amount of soap. Dip the cloth into the water. With the help of a damp cloth, wipe down the club head, shaft, and grip. 
  • For tougher stains, you need deep cleaning. You can use a brush with soft bristles to gently clean out the grooves on the club. 
  • After cleaning the golf clubs, rinse them thoroughly with clean water.
  • Use a clean cloth and another cloth to dry the club. Dry the grooves and other services to avoid future services.  

After that, you can move toward the polishing process. You need some basic supplies and can give your golf clubs the shine and care they deserve. Let’s discuss both methods one by one.

Polish by Hand

Polishing by hand is a simple and budget-friendly option. This method does not require any extra supplies. To get the desired results, read the instructions carefully on the label. 

Gather your Supplies

  • Microfiber/Polishing cloth
  • Metal polish
  • Cleaning cloth


  1. Apply a small chrome or metal polish on a microfiber or polishing cloth. You can also directly spray on the driver’s head.
  2. Gently apply polish on the head in a circular motion. The longer you use it, the brighter you get.
  3. Buff the clubs with a cloth. 
  4. After application, let the polish dry for 3 minutes or more. 
  5. Use another cloth to remove the polish a final time.
  6. Store the clubs in your bag. 

Polish by Cordless Drill

Polishing by cordless drill is the most accurate and efficient method. The buffing kits have buffing wheels and compounds. To get the desired results read the instructions carefully on the equipment. 

Gather your Supplies

  • Cordless drill
  • Polishing drill chuck
  • Cleaning rag
  • Buffing wheels
  • Buffing kit/Metal polishing kit
  • A clamp


  1. First, fix your club by attaching it with a metal clamp. But if you are using a mounted turner, there is no need for a clamp. 
  2. Attach the buffering wheel with the drill with the help of a polishing drill chuck.
  3. Apply a small amount of polishing compound to the buffering wheel. You can read the instructions on how and what compound to use. 
  4. Run the cordless drill and contact the drill with the club. Keep applying slight pressure so that the polish is distributed uniformly. 
  5. Remove the excess polish with the help of a cloth.
  6. Store your club in the bag. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your golf clubs remain in top condition for years. 

Best Polishes for Golf Club

There are several polishing compounds available on the market. Here we mention the best polisher that enhances the shine of your club and boosts your confidence. 

  • Rolite Polish Cream is a long-lasting polish; you can also use it on sensitive clubs. 
  • Club Doctor Polish Removes scratches and scuffs from the club’s head.  
  • Finger Ten Golf Cleaning Kit can be used with all kinds of clubs. 
  • Aoke Polishing Solution removes dirt and stain from your golf clubs. 

Important Tips Related to How to Clean Golf Clubs

Here are some useful tips on polishing golf clubs to get the shine and lustre on clubs’ heads and fields. 

  • After using your clubs, always clean them using a soft cloth or towel. This helps to remove dirt and debris and hence protects them from damage.
  • Clean your clubs once a week by using a mild soap. This helps to remove any build-up.
  • Always clean small crevices by using a small brush. 
  • Use a polisher to protect the club from tarnishing. 


In a nutshell, if you want to avoid damage to your favorite golf clubs, then routine cleaning and polishing help out in this regard. Thoroughly clean your golf clubs before applying polish. After that, you need a metal polisher and apply an appropriate amount. You can get the desired result by buffing the polish by hand or with the help of a cordless drill.

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