How to Practice Golf at Home – Simple 7 Step Guide

As the saying goes “the more I practice, the luckier I get”, the number of hours we practice something is way far more important than the time we actually do something. When it comes to golf, you need to practice Golf at home or somewhere else because before playing your game you need to learn how to take the right posture to play the best shot.

Not everyone can get to the practice range every time of the year, especially in harsh winters people find it difficult to get to the golf course as they would do otherwise. But any pandemic or weather shouldn’t pull you back from getting good at something. Not even at Golf!

There are a lot of ways to adopt which can get you better at golf while staying and practing the golf at home. With a single club that you already have, you can work on your rotation, by purchasing simple stuff like impact stickers, chipping net, or putting mats, you can become a pro in making your best shots in your garage or lawn. 

Ways to Practice Golf at Home:

Here is our basic 7 step guide for any beginner golfer to practice golf at home. So, that you could take a better shot while playing with your friends at the golf course. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Get the basics right! 

First things first, get your basics right. This means that first make sure that you are starting off right to make a game right. This includes your grip and your posture. As 90% of the issues are with swing and it all comes with a poor grip. 

Sometimes you don’t even notice your posture while on the course, which is one of the key factors in your golf swing. That is how much you should bend over and what should be the angle of your spine. 

If you practice your grip by looking into the mirror, you will be able to judge your hand’s position if they are at the right place on the club and how far are they from each other. With the help of this tip you can easily get an idea for what your body should look like while golfing. 

Swing practice: 

You just need a space to practice a full swing of golf at home. It could be your lawn, a garage, or any place you feel comfortable in. First, set your position for the complete swing, and practice it in front of the mirror. You can also practice by taking clubs of the same length, 8 and 9 iron for instance, and hold both of them. 

Then while making a normal backswing, when at the top you will feel a pulling by the additional weight of the added club. Continue swinging with both of the clubs and practice it 5-10 times until you get back to the single club. This is the best way to not only improve your control of the club but also help you increase the swing speed. 

You can also practice the swing by using a net while hitting shots with golf balls, but you won’t be able to see where and how long your ball has gone.

Practicing putting:

Putting is a method and by applying anyone can easily practice at home. The crucial skills for putting are controlling the speed, reading the green, and starting off the ball on the intended line. You can do a lot of stuff to practice golf putting at home.

  • You can use a carpeted room to practice control on the putt. Place an old mug in the corner and consider it as your target hole.
  • Another exercise is to place a ball in one corner of the room and put a coin on it. The purpose of this drill is to putt another ball as close as the former ball so that it may touch it but not knock off the coin on it. 
  • Another option could be using the putting mats. They are also very popular among beginners for practicing golf at home. 

Get hands on the solid impact:

Practicing solid impact is the best practice that you can easily do at home. Mostly, immature players don’t even know how many times they do not hit the ball at the center of the club. Putting impact stickers on your club face will make you aware of where your ball is hitting the club face.

This exercise will help you practice hitting the ball at the sweet spot. Keep track of the number of shots that hit on the sweet spot or the ones hitting out of it. The number of shots on the sweet spot will increase as you practice along. 

Practicing rotation:

Get a golf club and hold it across your chest. Then take a regular stance with the golf club analogous to your feet. Now what you want to do is to slightly slide your right foot backwards until you are now on your toe as it is in line with the left foot, then slightly bend your right leg. Now, rotate your body using the club as if you are moving to the backswing. You must get hold of yourself while doing this because if you slide or sway, you will lose your balance.

If you become a master of this drill, you can become a master of rotation.

Practicing distance control:

If you become a pro in landing a ball within the intended distance and on the green while keeping it there consistently, then you can overcome one of the biggest challenges in golf. 

So, whenever hitting your wedge shots, always have an intended distance from where you want to land the ball. You can make a tree or a bucket or anything that comes to mind as your target because you can not master distance control if you do not practice landing the ball within the given distance of your target. 

You can practice getting a hold of your distance in the following ways:

  • Take a single target and practice around it by hitting the ball 8-10 times, while keeping track of the distance. After practicing a number of times, you will be able to hit the ball in the proximity of your intended target.
  • You can put several targets around your yard at various distances and play around them. 
  • You can also practice by hitting the ball from a lower to a higher distance. This way you will be challenging yourself for more longer shot than the previous one. 

Getting a hold on the yardstick:

For practicing golf at home, you will need to get a yardstick. Place your ball at the end of the stick and make a stroke. If the ball rolls straight to the end, it means that you did it online. But if the ball rolls out left or right of the line instead of reaching the end, it means that you have pushed or pulled the putt. This practice helps you visualize where you miss the putt and also helps you practice a good starting line and contact.

So, after reading this guide, you can easily practice golf at home and not being able to get to the practice range would not be an excuse if you really want to uplift your golf game. In this today’s guide our whole idea was to make you understand that effective practice is not about buying expensive gadgets or taking out a whole day to practice golf, but about getting better with whatever you already have while staying at home. 

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