What Is A Good Golf Score Levels?

What Is A Good Golf Score Levels?

If you’re new to golf, it can be difficult to know a good score. Even if you’ve been playing for a while, it can still be challenging to determine what is considered a good score. That’s because different levels of scores correspond to golfer experience. This article will explore these different levels in detail so that you can figure out where you fit in. It will also help you determine What is a Good Golf Score is for you. 

Determining a Good Golf Score

When determining a good golf score, two main factors come into play. 

Skill And Experience

The first is the golfer’s skill level and experience. A beginner golfer will have different expectations than an experienced player. The higher a golfer’s skill level, the lower their average score should be.


The second factor in determining a good score is the course. Scores can vary from one golf course to another depending on the layout and difficulty of a particular class. A difficult championship-level course, for example, will likely have higher average scores. An easy executive-style course would generally result in lower average scores. 

The Different Levels of Golf Scores 

Novice Golfers

New golfers should aim for a low score. A good score for novice golfers would range from 80-100. They consider anything lower than 80 a great score. 

Intermediate Golfers

Once you’ve mastered the basics and hit decent shots, it’s time to consider a good score. For intermediate golfers, a good score would range from 70-85. They would consider anything lower than 70 as excellent. You should make more consistent shots and putts at this level, which will help your score.

Advanced Golfers

For those who have played the game for many years and can hit good shots, a good score would range from 65 to 75. People would consider anything lower than 65 as fantastic. You should make more consistent shots and putts at the advanced level, which will help your score. You should also be able to manage situations such as windy conditions or sloping greens. This skill is essential at a level beyond the intermediate stage. 

Professional Golfers

A good score would range from 60-70 for those who play the game professionally. People would consider anything lower than 60 as exceptional. Professional golfers should be able to make consistent shots and putts. They should also manage tricky situations better than any amateur golfer. They should also be able to read greens and adjust their game plan to lower their scores.

Breaking Down Golf Handicaps

When it comes to handicaps, different levels correspond to the skill level of a golfer. Generally speaking, a novice golfer should have a handicap of 20 or higher. An intermediate golfer should have a handicap between 15 and 19. An advanced golfer should have a handicap between 10 and 14. And a professional golfer should have a handicap of 9 or lower. Golfers can adjust handicaps over time as they get What Is A Good Golf Score and improve their scores. 

Benchmark Scores for Recreational Golfers

For recreational golfers, the goal should be to set a personal benchmark score that you can hit. Benchmark scores should account for your skill level and the difficulty of the course you are playing. Once you have established a baseline, it will help you gauge your progress. You can determine whether your scores are improving over time. 

Improving Your Golf Score

If you’re looking to improve your golf score, there are several things that you can do. 


First, it’s essential to practise as much as possible to develop and refine your technique. It includes taking regular lessons from a professional instructor. Playing on different courses will help you become more familiar with the different layouts. 

Driving Range

You should also practise the driving range as much as possible to sharpen your skills. Additionally, spending time on the putting green will further enhance your abilities. 

Taking Rest

Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat healthy so that you are in peak physical condition when you are on the course.

Celebrating Success and Progress

Celebrating your successes and progress on the course is essential, no matter how small they may be. Whether lowering your score by one stroke or making a clutch putt, give yourself a pat on the back. Celebrate all your achievements. Doing so will help you stay motivated and remind yourself that you are improving.


What does 70 mean in golf?

In golf, players consider a score of 70 to be perfect. It means that the golfer could complete the entire round of 18 holes at par or better. A score of 70, a good golf score on an easy course would show an excellent performance. But, a score of 70 on a more challenging course would still prove an awe-inspiring skill. 

How many golfers can break 85?

On average, about 10-15% of all golfers can break 85 regularly. This number can vary depending on the skill level and experience of the golfer. It is also influenced by the difficulty of the course they are playing. Breaking 85 is an impressive feat for any golfer and requires dedication and hard work.

What is the average men’s golf score?

The average men’s golf score is 90-95 for 18 holes. But, this can vary depending on factors such as the golfer’s skill level and experience. The layout of the course and even weather conditions play a significant role. 

What is a respectable golf handicap?

A respectable golf handicap can vary depending on a player’s skill level and experience. For a novice golfer, a handicap of 20 or higher is often considered good. It reflects the golfer’s 
relative inexperience and room for improvement. 


Figuring out What A Good Golf Score can be complicated, as it depends on the golfer’s skill level and experience. By understanding the different levels of scores, you will get an idea of what a good score looks like for you. Additionally, benchmarking your progress is crucial in this process. With practice and dedication, there’s no telling how low your score can go!

By mental strategies into your game, such as staying positive, you can take your golf game to the next level. Another essential aspect is focusing on the process rather than the outcome. Keep pushing yourself, and have fun out on the course. You never know when that great round of golf is right around the corner! 

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