What Is A Turkey In Golf – What Does It Mean?

What Is A Turkey In Golf

Golf turkeys are an informal scoring system used in golf whereby players can record three consecutive birdies – or better (holes in one) – on the same hole. What is a turkey in golf – The term ‘turkey’ comes from an old tradition of awarding prizes for shooting three consecutive holes-in-one on the same hole. People often refer to a turkey as a ‘triple,’ and golf enthusiasts consider it one of the most impressive scoring feats. 

What Is The Significance Of A Golf Turkey?

There is no formal recognition or accolade for shooting a turkey in golf. But players still see it as an amazing achievement. It’s also seen as a sign of skill and a great feat of concentration. Achieving a turkey can be difficult, particularly on more difficult courses or tougher holes. 

Types of Turkey in Golf

The Classic Turkey

The Classic Turkey is when a golfer scores birdies or better on three consecutive holes during a single round of golf. This achievement is notable due to the intense focus and consistent performance required.

The Back-to-Back Turkey

The Back-to-Back Turkey is even more elusive. A golfer must score two sets of three consecutive birdies in the same round. This feat demonstrates not only skill but also exceptional endurance and mental fortitude.

The Golden Turkey

The Golden Turkey is the rarest of all, achieved by scoring a birdie or better on every hole in a nine-hole round. This accomplishment is a testament to a golfer’s extraordinary skill, consistency, and precision.

Historical Perspective

The concept of a ‘turkey’ in golf dates back to the late 1800s. American amateur golfer Richard M. Gollan credited himself with using the phrase during an informal Sand Point Country Club tournament. Following that, participants shot other turkeys in tournaments and competitions worldwide. The term has since become synonymous with amazing scoring feats in golf. 

How To Achieve A Golf Turkey

Tips to Improve Your Chances

Improving your chances of achieving a golf turkey requires consistent practice. A good start would be to focus on your swing and aim. Getting these basics right can enhance your chances of scoring consecutive birdies.

Picking The Right Club

Choosing the right club is crucial in achieving a golf turkey. Use a club that you’re comfortable with, and that suits the hole you’re playing. Each club has a different loft or angle, which affects how far and high the ball will go.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any sport, practicing is key to improving at golf. Regular golfing will help you familiarize yourself with the game’s nuances and improve your chances of scoring a turkey. Try to play on various courses to familiarize yourself with different scenarios and challenges.

Mental Focus 

Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical. Maintaining concentration, especially under pressure, is critical to the game. Develop a routine that lets you stay focused and calm, improving your chances of achieving a turkey.

Turkey in Golf Culture 

What is a turkey in golf – The concept of a turkey in golf has become so popular. Other sports, such as football and basketball, have adapted it into their culture. The idea is also referenced in movies and television shows. While the term may have originated from an old tradition, it’s seen as a symbol of excellence today. It is among any golfer who can shoot the near-impossible three consecutive birdies.

The concept of a turkey in golf is also an important part of the game’s culture and history. It serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and focus on the field. For any golfer striving to achieve greatness, shooting a turkey should serve as motivation to keep playing and never give up. 

Golf turkeys are an impressive achievement that requires skill, focus, and perseverance. With the right approach and dedication, you can make your dream of shooting a golf turkey come true!


Q: How hard is it to shoot a Golf Turkey? 

A: Shooting a golf turkey can be difficult. It requires consistent performance and focus throughout the entire round. It also depends on various factors, such as the difficulty of the course or the type of club you’re using. 

Q: Who was the first person to shoot a golf turkey? 

A: The first recorded instance of a golfer shooting three consecutive holes-in-one on the same hole is credited to American amateur golfer Richard M. Gollan. This achievement took place in the late 1800s.

Q: What is the difference between a turkey and a triple? 

A: A turkey and a triple are both terms used to refer to the same feat – scoring three consecutive birdies during one round of golf. T turkey originates from an old golf tradition, while ‘triple’ is a more modern term. 

Q: How do you improve your chances of shooting a golf turkey? 

A: Improving your chances of achieving a golf turkey requires consistent practice. Focus on improving your swing and aim, choose the right club for each hole, and play – these are key steps to success! Maintaining mental focus and composure are essential elements of any successful golf round. 

Q: Are Golf Turkeys recognized as a real score? 

A: While the sport’s governing bodies may not recognize golf turkeys, they remain an impressive feat. Both players and spectators alike admire these feats. The challenge of achieving a turkey requires great skill and concentration. 


What is a turkey in golf – Achieving a turkey in golf is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to a golfer’s skill, focus, and dedication. Shooting three consecutive birdies or better on the same hole can be difficult. But with practice and determination, it is possible. We hope this article has provided some helpful insight into what it means to achieve a turkey in golf and given you some tips on how to do so. 

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