What Is Four Ball In Golf: Rules And Format Explained

What Is Four Ball In Golf

What is four ball in golf? Four ball, or “better ball,” is a popular golf format. In which teams of gamers compete in opposition to every other. Each unit has its score, and the lowest score wins. In four-ball play, each player plays their ball throughout the round. 

At the end of the competition, the task is completed. The lower score between teammates is the score for the team. The individual scores are not combined.

“Four-ball is a golf format in which two teams of two players compete against each other.”

The Basics of Four-Ball

Each team plays one ball for the entire round. 

The best score of the two players on each team is the team score on that hole. Even if both players score better than either player from the opposing team.

In match play, teams may concede a hole to save time or when one team has no chance of winning that hole. 

The Goal of the Game

what you’re looking for What is four ball in golf? The goal of the four-ball is to have the lowest score between teams or individual players after 18 holes. The group or individual with the lowest score wins the match (or tournament, sometimes). 

Handicapping Four-Ball Play 

For a fair competition, it’s essential to handicap four-ball play. The best way to handicap is to use the lower two team scores for each hole. As the score that counts toward the team’s total.

Pretty straightforward 

The basic rules of four balls are pretty straightforward. Each player in a team plays their ball throughout the round and at the end of each hole. Only the lowest score between teammates counts as part of the team’s score. For the team, both players’ scores count in the event of a tie.

Scoring in four-ball is more accessible than in other golf formats, such as stroke or match play. The lowest individual score on each hole counts for the team score. The team declares the winner with the lowest total score for all 18 holes.

Playing Strategy

Four-ball can be an excellent opportunity for players of different skill levels. It is also an opportunity to pair up and work together. One player might take risks, while the other plays a safer game to secure a low score for the team. Additionally, four balls are an excellent way for beginners. To learn without worrying about their performance affecting their teammates.

Advantages and Challenges of Four-Ball

Four balls can be an exciting and challenging format for golfers of all levels. It’s a great way to combine strategy and teamwork. It can allow players to work together and compete against each other at the same time.

Four Ball in Tournaments 

Golfers can play four-ball in both casual matches and tournaments. During a game, the teams add the lowest score for each hole to determine the winner at the end of the round. For example, if Team A scores a four and Team B scores a five on a particular hole, Team A would get 1 point for that hole. The team accumulating the most points at the end of 18 holes declares victory.

Besides regular tournaments, four-ball is a qualifying round in some events. It can help create brackets for pairing teams against each other. 

Notable Four-Ball Strategies 

There are some strategies that golfers can use to help their team. It has maximized chances of winning a four-ball match. One strategy is to have one player take risks and go for the green while the other plays a safer game. 

The team should avoid potential hazards or trouble areas. This way, if the risk taker’s attempt does not work out, the safer player can still secure a low score for the team.

Another strategy is to pre-plan each hole and what you want to do before you tee off. Knowing what kind of shot your partner will be taking. It can help everyone on the team visualize their approach and plan. 

Finally, four-ball play requires communication between teammates. The strategy for playing each hole is crucial for achieving successful four-ball play. Teammates should also know their partner’s tendency to take risks and plan. 

By using these strategies, teams can maximize their chances of winning the tournament. Any team can succeed in four-ball play with the right combination of strategies.

Four balls can be a great way to enjoy the game of golf with friends and family. Whether playing or in a tournament, four-ball play offers an exciting challenge. That is accessible to players of all skill levels. With the right strategy, any team can have success! So grab your clubs and give four-ball a try today.


Q: Can I use a mulligan in four balls? 

A: Yes, each player can take a mulligan on any hole if they choose to.

Q: Does it matter which teammate is hitting first? 

A: No, it does not matter which teammate is hitting first. 

Q: Can I use a cart with four balls? 

A: Yes, you can use a carts four-ball play. 

Q: Can I change my partner in four-ball? 

A: Yes, players can switch partners during a round of four-ball. Yet, having even more players is essential to avoid playing the hole alone. 

Q: Can I bring an extra player to join a four-ball match? 

A: No, the format of a four-ball is that two teams of two players compete against each other. Bringing an extra player is not allowed.

Final Thought

What is four ball in golf? Four balls is an exciting and fun format for two teams to compete. With its straightforward rules and low-scoring system. Four-ball offers an excellent way for golfers of all levels to get out on the course together. Whether a beginner or an experienced golfer, four-ball is a great way to make the most of your time on the green. 

It’s important to remember that four-balls are still golf. They should play with sportsmanship and respect for one another. Regardless of the game’s level of competitiveness. Players should always adhere to proper etiquette. 

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